Gear Review: Drago Gear 42-inch double gun case


Drago Gear 42-inch double gun case. Handsome, with plenty of room for my favorite morale patches. (Photo: Team HB)

A couple years ago, a thoughtful friend presented me with the gift of a Drago Gear double gun case. Since then, I’ve used the case for long and short trips that required lots of gear as well as rifles. Although this bag didn’t come to me as a review item, its performance has earned it some time in the spotlight.

Drago Gear is a Florida-based maker/distributor of a wide variety of bags for pistols, long guns, and related purposes. Their 42-inch double gun case is the first Drago product I’ve owned.


Padded shoulder straps add a welcome carry option for a loaded-down pack. (Photo: Team HB)

For starters, this bag is big. The name discloses the length and helps differentiate it from the company’s six other rifle cases. It’s 14 inches tall and can expand to 13 inches. It’s offered in black, gray, green, and tan.

Water resistance is a claim made by Drago Gear on this bag. With its 600 Denier fabric, I wouldn’t count on it to stay dry in a downpour. However, an application of ScotchGuard or other waterproofing product should help.


Thickly padded on all sides, the double long gun compartment helps with peace of mind. (Photo: Team HB)

The main compartment of this case unzips to greater than 180 degrees. Dividing it in half is a nylon-cased layer of heavy padding. There’s a padded rail all around the edge, which is encased with the guns when it’s closed. Each gun compartment has a slash pocket and Velcro straps on both ends.

Above the main compartment is a secondary one, still large with all-around unzipping, and a couple sub-compartments inside. It’s perfect for carrying bad weather gear or other bulky items.


Compression straps on the bottom make the bag retrievable from either side. (Photo: Team HB)

Across the entire front is a series of storage options, including pockets with adjustable Velcro flaps and elastic cord drawstrings to keep things from falling out, two flat, deep, zippered compartments, and Molle webbing. The problem isn’t where to put all the items you need for an extended range or hunting adventure, it’s remembering into which of the 15 or so possible spaces those items were placed.


The secondary large pocket is massive, with room for a winter coat or extra footwear. (Photo: Team HB)

A set of compression straps allows the user to crank down the load to make it more compact. On the back side, compression straps also serve as grab straps. Also on the back are adjustable and heavily padded shoulder straps. Although it’s not easy to get into when the pack is heavily loaded, back carry makes it easier to navigate small hallways and other spaces while lugging gear.


Elastic-corded, toggle-locking, Velcro-flap pockets keep small items secure. (Photo: Team HB)

Two carry handles, made of rolled webbing, can be secured with a cloth/Velcro wrap for carry. The heavy-duty zippers have a bit of paracord looped into the pulls for leverage. A few areas of loop material give you a place to put your favorite patches. On the front is a dee ring in case you want to keep keys or a tool in an easy-to-grab location. Drago Gear thought of everything.

I’ve used the case to haul my rather heavy AR with an optic and bipod, plus a Savage Model 11 Scout rifle and optic, along with extra mags, ammunition, and maintenance supplies. With that load, the case is quite heavy, but has never failed in any way, nor has it developed thin or pouchy spots from pressure.


Straps and pockets limit shifting inside the bag. (Photo: Team HB)

Drago Gear doesn’t do direct sales. Online and local vendor prices for the 42-inch double gun bag are consistently close to $80, according to the information I could find. This is a useful, attractive, and durable case at a cost well below comparable competitors’ items.

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