7 Reasons NOT to Get a Glock

We ran a piece detailing seven good reasons to get a Glock pistol.  They’re all solid, rational, easily-backable arguments, but we’re Guns.com, not Glock.com; we love all guns for all sorts of reasons.  And there are plenty of great reasons NOT to get a Glock.

Ubiquity The Internet

If you’re reading this, then we have it on pretty good advice that you have access to the Internet.  The Internet has made the physical commonness of Glock guns and accessories moot.  If you can have a packaged delivered to you, then you have all the parts for all the guns ever at your fingertips.  Availability is determined by your ability to drive Google and how much cash you’ve got.  While yes, it’s less immediate, it’s probably also cheaper.  Buying gun parts online saves you money, and it’s completely unlimited in what you can find.

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Ease of Maintainance Most Modern Guns are User-Friendly

The Glock 17 is about to turn 30.  In three decades, many other great guns have been designed with the intent of being worked on by owners, not armorers.  The whole idea of a gun with parts that require fitting by a professional is getting extremely long in the tooth.  Sure, there are some things that you’ll need a gunsmith for, but when it comes to that level of performance, Glock or not, you’d turn to a gunsmith.  And the Internet comes in handy, here, too.  It’s not like you’re going to spend an afternoon calling gunsmiths to find a HK or SIG specialist; you’re going to turn to the tubes and find the best names in the country.

Interchangeability Different Kinds of Guns

One of the inherent strengths of Glock pistols is their ability to accept caliber conversion slides and barrels and magazines without a lot of fidgeting, because so many of them use the same frames.  But having four halves is not the same as having two wholes.  You can spend a thousand bucks on all the Glock uppers in all the Glock calibers, but you can’t, despite what you read on the Internet, turn a Glock into a shotgun.  Glock makes a wide array of pistols, but until they make a rifle, you’re going to have to look to other brands for other shooting platforms.

glock with pink grip

Weight and Capacity Ergonomics

Glock pistols have a unique… uniqueness to their grip.  They point like Glocks.  For the most part, they have the one single major safety, the trigger safety.  Either or both of those things is reason enough to look elsewhere.  There’s a reason 1911s have been around forever.  Sure, you can find all sorts of aftermarket goodies to make them more like the gun you wished they were, but that in itself is no great endorsement of the gun.  Hell, some people just want a heavier gun; there are good reasons for that.  And as far as capacity goes, Glock isn’t king here either.  CZ, M&P, XD… there are plenty of guns that meet or exceed Glock’s capacities in similar packages, both in size and weight, more or less.

Reliability Marketing

Glock has held so much of the market for so long, at this point in time and for a long time to come, there’s no possible way for another handgun to collectively shoot as much, get abused as much, or see an equivalent amount of time in-service.  That doesn’t mean that Glocks are actually the most reliable, it just means they have the longest track record.  Kabooms were (and sometimes still are) a problem.  (This is a combination of their continued use of non-fully-supported chambers in some calibers and the polygonal rifling which can, with long bullets, re-seat the bullets deeper into the cartridge, increasing the cartridge’s pressure, causing, well, kabooms.)  Gen 4 Glocks had all sorts of issues coming out the gate due to an under-tested recoil spring assembly, leading to failures to feed and eject.  And while Glock certainly has good customer support, if you have an ammo problem, it’s your problem.  There is a certain attitude that Glock are perfect; other gun manufacturers have no such delusions, and offer customer service accordingly.

sig sauer p229

Affordability Competition

In what’s increasingly describable as a firearms renaissance, gun prices have dropped through the floor.  Glock isn’t the cheapest anymore, and that really was a big reason to get them; they’re cheap guns.  They have plastic sights and so-so accuracy.  Even when it comes to aftermarket support and accessories, there are so many equivalent guns, in terms of reliability, durability… we can’t even list them here.  The truth is that there’s nothing special about the Glock, no more than other handguns, anyway.

You Just Don’t Want a Glock

And quite possibly the most important reason not to get a Glock is just not liking them.  There’s nothing wrong with that and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Glock’s strengths aren’t single to just them.  Plenty of companies make awesome firearms, in the same price bracket, for less, for more, with polymer frames, with steel frames, with alloy frames, with rubber grips, with wood grips, with cylinders… We have more access to a staggeringly huge variety of firearms than ever before, and there’s a fine reason for that: they all are, in some ways, better than Glock.  Or just different.  And different is good.

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