Alternative Gifts for Gun Lovers

Since you’re reading this article you obviously like guns. You love to feel the grip in your hands, the jolt when you fire, the noise of the bang, the smell of burning sulfur, and the taste of steel.

And perhaps that hobby extends a bit further than the range and you have a certain way you decorate your house, your possessions and your body. Or perhaps you want to share your love of guns with others. Here’s a list we here at have compiled to rile up your creative side.

For Beverages

12 Gauge Shot Glass – Celebrate the holidays with a shot to the mouth. $20 for the set.

12 gauge shot glasses Pelican Traveler – Guaranteed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, our 22 oz. Pelican travel tumbler with lid is black and stainless.

guns dot com logo pelican mug

AK47 Ice Cube Tray – Cool down the party by unloading a few 7.62x39mm rounds into friends and family. The tray also has the classic banana magazine shape. $3 to 10.

ak47 bullet ice cube tray

For the Desk

Revolver Pen Holder – This revolver penholder is carved from a single piece of aluminum and holds not one, not two, but six pens! $90 (limited quantity).

Think Before You Ink Pen Holder – “Out Like a Shot” This delightful design is a side-by-side shotgun breech and it’s supposed to be used with bullet pens. $125 (limited quantity).

Bullet Pens – The brass bullet pen complements either two gun-centric penholders brilliantly. Or if you just want the pen, which would be considerably cheaper, they fit in and come with spent .375 H&H Magnum shells. $5 a piece (limited quantity). Perfect for management.

Home Decor

Gun Flower Vase – Nothing is more bittersweet than the combination of guns and flowers. The three guns give the vase a unique look and the white ceramic won’t take away from the colorful bouquet. Plus it’s much more admirable than a cup and putting them in a Nalgene is just pathetic! $50.

Mantle Hide-A-Gun Clock – Hide a gun in an unlikely place – like in a clock! The face of the clock drops down and allows you to store a full size handgun. No more storing it under a couch cushion. $40 to $70.

For Keys

Bullet Bottle Opener Plus a Key Chain! – Open your favorite bottled brew or your home while physically expressing your love for guns! (or bullets). $35.

Gun Key Cover – Blow your friends away at the front door. Get the gun key cover, it’s a cover that’s shaped like the grip and action of a revolver while the key itself would be the barrel. At the very least, identify the deadliest key. $3.

For Smokers

What combines both class and comedy? A gun lighter! Intimidate a friend and just as the tension peaks, pull the trigger and reveal that it’s just a lighter. Light your smoke as quickly as you ease their nerves.

gun lighter

Actually, a full size gun lighter is a bad idea. Don’t carry it around. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend bringing it outside your home. However, they are neat and coincide wonderfully with cigars.

Again, I am fascinated by these, but be smart about it.

For the Fashionable

You have to hand it to the artisans out there. They can turn anything into anything. There’s tons of gun jewelry out there from necklaces, to earrings, to bracelets, to cufflinks.

Bullet Earrings and Cufflinks – These are made by Bull’s Eye Mercantile, a fan of, and they make some of the neatest bullet jewelry around. They use the rim of a spent casing and embed a gem or jewel in the center. $20 to $40.

I’m going to stop with the jewelry right there because there’s a plethora of bracelets, necklaces and belts available, but they’re a little too extravagant for my taste. Sure, they are neat, but they’re just so common that I cannot recommend them. Logo T-Shirt – Equally suited for range days, running errands, or lounging around the house, our GUNS t-shirt is available an array of sizes. They come in heather gray and display the logo on the sleeve. Our shirts are made from a blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon for a softer, more comfortable feel.

guns dot com logo tshirt Logo T-Shirt – They come in coyote brown and display the logo on the lapel and “” on the sleeve. Hats – offers high-quality classic trucker caps with adjustable snapback. They come in two different styles. Featuring a large GDC logo, our navy blue hat has white accents, while our camo cap includes a GDC logo in hunter orange. blue trucker hat camo trucker hat

My Wife Carries a Gun Boxers – Give your wife the comforting feeling that you’re hers and only hers by wearing these boxers. $14 and available in M, L and XL.

That’s my list of gun gifts that I think are neat and interesting. I hope they got the wheels turning. If you have a gun gift alternative, tell us in the comments below.

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