Cerakoted shades from Gatorz are as tough as they look

Cerakoted sunglasses? Hell yeah! (Photo by: Jim Grant)

Cerakoted sunglasses? Hell yeah! (Photo by Jim Grant)

Have you Cerakoted every firearm in your safe, the safe itself, your kitchen counter — even your truck — but still long for more of that glorious smooth, yet rough finish in your life? The prophets at Gatorz have heard your prayers and in response, have Cerakoted several aluminum-framed sunglasses for you. Some of you may be laughing, but these shades are no joke. Not only are they ridiculously durable, they also look exceptionally cool and stay on your head even when you’re pretending… I mean, training like a Navy SEAL.

Gatorz feature heavy-duty hinges, rivets, and they're made in the USA (Photo by: Jim Grant)

Gatorz feature heavy-duty hinges, rivets and they’re made in the USA. (Photo by Jim Grant)

Featured in the movie, “Lone Survivor,” these sick smoked spectacles are as tough as the movie’s protagonist, Marcus Luttrell, a retired SEAL played by former Funky Bunch frontman, “Marky” Mark Wahlberg. I ran the Gatorz hard for over a month. I wore them while driving, running a 5K, biking 8 miles and shooting several firearms. The aluminum frame is durable, yet light and the matte Cerakote finish hides all but the greasiest fingerprints. The Cerakote finish also resists corrosion and wear better than any other frames found on any of my glasses. Also, the fit of the glasses is similar to the older Oakley Eye Jacket frames from a few years back, but infinitely more durable and less expensive.

The Cerakoted Gatorz look so tough they make my dog look like she can kick your ass. (Photo by: Jim Grant)

The Cerakoted Gatorz look so tough they make my dog look like she can kick your ass. (Photo by Jim Grant)

On a recent range trip, despite shooting two guns that hadn’t hit store shelves, the majority of questions revolved around the Gatorz I wore. People wanted to know what they cost, who made them and where I got them. When I mentioned that they were prescription lenses, their interest grew.

Before I purchased the Gatorz I exclusively wore prescription aviators because the field of vision they offered was the best I could find with RX lenses. The field of vision on the Gatorz is all-encompassing, it even shades my peripherals. Making these ideal for competition shooting and combat, where situational awareness is crucial.

Given the shape of these sunglasses, many people will compare them to Oakley Eye Jackets. The frames have similar price points, Gatorz Magnum cost $160 and Oakley Eye Jacket cost $200, but the RX lenses for Oakleys cost much more than Gatorz. There may be a lens quality difference, but it’s not one that I can distinguish.

I have broken several pairs of Oakley sunglasses in the past, from normal wear and tear to tying my shoe and having them glide off my face to meet the asphalt and shatter. Without a doubt, I recommend Gatorz over Oakleys in every situation.

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