Bargain Hunting: Savage's New Stevens Model 320 Pump Shotguns

We took a sneak peek at Savage Arms‘ new lineup for 2012 a few month ago and we definitely liked what we saw.  We’re even happier to see these new firearms actually in stores already.  Particularly, Savage’s Stevens Model 320 shotguns appealed to our bargain hunting sensibilities.

Savage announced several M320 shotguns each with an MSRP of between $235 and 285, and people are finding them for about $200 (or less!) all over.

The M320 12-gauge shotguns are modeled on the Winchester 1300, which have, of course, been discontinued by Winchester.  They feature steel construction with a matte finish, and all have 5-round magazine tubes.  We handled a couple at SHOT Show and were pleased with the samples we saw, and have heard similar praise about M320 caught in the wild.

M320 shotgun with pistol grip and ghost ring sights

The Stevens Model 320s have decent finishes and acceptable, simple polymer furniture.  Nothing space-age, just rugged plastic and deep blueing.  What shines is the action.  These shotguns feel broken in at the factory.  The forends ride smoothly back and forth, as if with confidence.  The triggers are also good, much better than the Stevens Model 350 shotguns.

M320 shotgun with extended ribbed barrel and Monte Carlo stock

M320s are all 12-gauge pump shotguns with 3-inch chambers and Savage has eight packages to choose from.  There is the standard M320, which has a pistol grip, rail, and a heat shield.  The barrel is 18.5 inches long.  There is one Field model, with a Monte Carlo stock and a 28-inch ribbed barrel, with a bead front sight.  There is one combination package, which includes a Field barrel and a Security barrel.

M320 shotgun with Monte Carlo stock and rifle-style sights

The other five are Security models.  M320 Security shotguns come with or without pistol grips, 18.5-inch barrels, and have options for gold bead, ghost ring, or rifle sights.  All the Stevens Model 320 shotguns weigh about 7 pounds and with the exception of the combination package with two barrels, run between $235 and $260.

Pump shotguns, being manually cycled, are some of the most reliable guns in existence.  There’s a reason they’re still around after all this time.  And the 12-gauge shell is perhaps the most versatile chambering ever invented.  These new Model 320s are a steal and would feel just as home as a knock-around truck gun as they would an inexpensive home defense shotgun.

Because priced as they are, they’re fantastic bargains.

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