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While may no longer be around, we encourage you to shop the store for a great selection of firearms.

In the past, we’ve focused on handguns, (like these SIGs) and long guns (like these shotguns) that are pretty much guaranteed to be a good buy.  But deals of all sorts come and go in flashes, and singling them all out is no small task.  While it’s likely that Mosin-Nagant rifles will always be cheap and available in numbers, sometimes a great deal is just a lower price on a gun that’s normally much more expensive. is a repository of good deals, great deals, and sometimes just better-than-average deals.  But they’re up-to-date like nothing else and cover the full spectrum of shooting products, from firearms to ammunition, even accessories like eyes and ears.

It’s all thanks to the harnessed power of crowdsourcing.  Users submit products to their rolling catalog, and readers rate the quality of the bargain.  Let’s say you wanted this here Springfield XD(m) 4.5 high-capacity .45 ACP handgun.  It’s a pretty good deal at $520, not smokin’, but good, and it’s rated at 3½ stars (out of five).  But it also includes a link to Springfield’s Gear Up promotion, which gets you three extra magazines and a mag carrier for free.

And again, it’s not just guns.  Here’s a deal on a full-length in-wall gun cabinet, here’s a shotshell belt, guaranteed to make you look badass, a nice price on an EOTech Holosight, a Cold Steel machete and an Israli gas mask for, uh, “in case”.  If you’re looking for something specific, they also have a good search function and categories like AR, AK, 1911, etc.  And when a bargain well runs dry, they pull the notification., run by gun fans for gun fans, promotes bargain-hunting to a new level of ease, and because it’s got human hands on the wheel, finds deals remarkably better than your typically completely non-gun-savvy search engine.  So whether you’re shopping with something in mind, or just want to browse deals on pistols, rifles, shotguns, ammo, and accessories, you owe it to yourself to check them out.

But be warned: like our bargain-hunting column, if used improperly, may just be more of a threat to your wallet than a shield.


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