EFFIN-A! The World's Only Tunable, Stackable Compensator Gets Reviewed (Video)

Just this summer we mentioned Aries Armor’s innovative and original 5.56 NATO muzzle device, the most aptly-named compensator evar, the EFFIN-A.  It can be tuned and stacked, it looks like it really works, and for some reason, it’s downright affordable.

I have seen compensators that are little more than metal tube socks sell for well over $200, and the EFFIN-A is considerably more involved than any muzzle device that doesn’t require a tax stamp.

The Effin-A’s operation is pretty easy to understand just looking at the pictures; the compensator has 32 ports, four ports per line, eight lines all the way ’round the compensator, and each port can be stoppered with a set screw.  The end is covered up by a large thread protector, which hides another ½x28mm threaded extension, which can be used to attach another EFFIN-A, or for that matter, anything else you’d like.

Each port affects the recoil’s profile; by blocking or unblocking the EFFIN-A’s ports, you customize the compensator to your rifle and ammunition.  Or, in other words, “Objects at rest tend to stay at rest and objects in motion tend to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Muzzle flip is caused by the pressure that is released down the center of the bore in relation to the contact points of the weapon and the shooter. Muzzle climb is solved by this device in two ways; The EFFIN-A Compensator’s timed and tunable exit ports act as an outside force that returns the weapon to a “position of rest” after the round has been fired (the round acts as the initial force causing the unwanted motion) by directly countering the force in relation to the standard shooter contact points on the weapon.

The whole thing is made to exacting specifications; there’s 10/1000ths of an inch of gap between the bullet and the compensator’s walls.  And they’re selling it for a benjamin.  To be exact, $99.95.

In any case, reviews are starting to show up in the wild and they’re all positive.  Exceptionally positive:

Part 1

Part 2

Here’s another review in case you only have six minutes to learn about a compensator:

All said and done, Ares Armor has a particularly interesting piece of kit on their hands, and for the price, it seems worth checking out, whether you’re an operator, competitor, or just looking to eliminate muzzle movement altogether.

Of course, we have to ask, because we know people will want to know: Ares, when are you coming out with one in 7.62mm?

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