Gear Review: Bianchi Holster for the Glock 30S

I’m enamored with the Glock 30S.  The double-stack .45ACP is both robust and compact, something very few guns achieve to this degree.

While it is large enough to be worn outside the waistband in a more traditional holster, it is small enough to conceal.  It would be ideal for a shoulder rig.  It may be just a touch too large for an ankle rig.  But the gun is perfect for tucking in the waistband just in front of your back pocket.

And if you can manage to hide the gun’s bulk, the 10 rounds of .45ACP will certainly make the Glock 30S very attractive.  It is hard hitting and concealable.

And you don’t have to wait for the holster makers to catch up.  The 30S is really close to the size of other Glocks, including the 19.  There are a lot of Glock 19s in use, so there are plenty of holster options.  We’ve tried several 19 holsters, and they all fit functionally well.  The fit is damn near perfect.


My favorite is the Bianchi Model 135 Allusion Suppression.  This one holster will fit a wide variety of Glocks.  17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 31, 32, and the 30S.

glock g30s in a bianchi holster

This is a big flat holster.  I’ll admit that the shear size of what is meant to be a highly concealable IWB holster didn’t inspire much confidence.  But rest assured.  Its disappears.

The Allusion Suppression (a mouthful of alliteration) is built of pliable leather and breathable nylon.  The holster’s back is padded and just flexible enough to really conform to your hip.  The use of dual belt clips allows for a slim profile and a more secure anchor on your belt.  The loops themselves are narrow, meant for traditional dress belts that rarely are more than an inch and a quarter wide.

glock 30s in a bianchi holster

The angle at which the holster can be worn can be changed slightly by altering the angle of the clips.

This holster is sizable enough to accommodate a full sized 1911.  Even for smaller guns, where the bigger holster may seem like overkill, the Allusion Suppression is an excellent choice.  The top portion of the holster, which is leather, feels a bit loose when the gun isn’t being worn.  But when the gun is placed behind the belt, you determine the holster’s hold with the tension of the waistband and belt.

bianchi holster for glock 30

Carrying the Bianchi and the Glock

While concealing the Allusion Suppression beneath a tucked in shirt is complex, it is perfect for wear under a sports coat.  It hides very easily beneath an untucked shirt.

The narrow belt loops aren’t wide enough for the average western belt, or a service belt, but it will hold well on most dress belts.  With the additional tension of the pants, and the two anchor points on the belt, the holster stays  steady during the draw.

bianchi holster on male shooter

Pulling the Glock is fast and seamless, and it is just as easy to reholster.  It isn’t easy to get on and off, yet the flexibility of the leather means it isn’t too uncomfortable when sitting.

The holster sells for $74.  And it is worth it.  Especially if you’ve got more than one Glock and are looking for one holster to train with and carry.

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