Gear Review: Button Sling for the KSG (VIDEO)

We’ve been spending some time with the Kel-Tec KSG this week and checking out some of the gear made specifically for the kick-ass scatter gun.  Today, we’re going to focus on the best sling available for the short 12 gauge.

Most folks who are dressing out their Kel-Tec KSG’s attach slings to their KSGs’ buttstocks.  While that is an optimal point for the connection of a two point sling, the KSG is really compact. This makes it ideal for the single point set up.  But with a single point sling attached to the back end of the gun, the balance is off.

Button Sling has addressed this problem by replacing a pin about 1/3 of the way down the KSG with a sling attachment.  The result shifts the balance forward, and allows for more mobility, and less movement from a resting position to the shoulder.  The KSG moves naturally and fluidly, and the pin itself can be installed in a matter of seconds.

Button Sling on a ksg

The Button Sling

A double point sling is a great way to carry a long gun over long distances.  If you have time to throw a gun over your shoulder, and time to swing it back around before shooting, the double point works fine.  The single point sling, which has grown in popularity over the last 20 years, moves the sling attachment point closer to the gun’s grip, and is ideal for keeping a rifle or shotgun ready and in front of you.  A good single point sling will allow for both hands to be free, and for the gun to remain ready.

Button Sling might be the most straight forward name in the firearms industry.  They make a wide variety of slings and sling attachments.  They’re known for their button like sling attachment.  For the KSG, Button Sling makes two styles.  The Hook Ring and the Button Pin.  Both attach at the same point, and are available in reversible or ambidextrous configurations.

diagram of components of a button sling

The options are easy enough to explain.  The Button pin takes a slotted sling attachment.  Button Sling’s Mega Latch is a steel attachment with a spring loaded pin catch.  They also make a thick nylon version without the catch.  If you would rather have the Hook and Ring configuration, those area available, too.

man in tactical gear wearing a ksg in button sling outdoors

The Button Sling slings are equally well designed.  They’re made of heavy nylon webbing and bungee cords, and come in black, tan or green.  The bungee offers just enough flex.  When you shoulder the gun, or drop it down, the flex of the bungee keeps movement shock free and very natural.

The straps are very easy to get on.  The straps easily adjusted.  No complaints at all about the straps.  And I’d like to add a bit of extra praise for Button Sling’s decision to make the straps without the nylon buckles that are becoming common on so many straps.  The buckle trend makes attaching the strap easy, but buckles break.  They crack and split. If I were going into combat and I had the choice of a strap with a buckle, and one without, I know which one I would choose.

front view of man wearing button sling

Button Sling makes two main types of straps.  Their single point Throw and Go is their most popular.  It is the one pictured here in this review.  Their Bungee Breacher is designed differently.  The Breacher is a short length of bungee with a loop on the end that can connect to a tactical vest.

ksg sitting on wood table with a button sling

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the single point sling is the simple mobility it affords.  Button Sling has taken that concept to the next level by combining rock solid materials with simple design ergonomics.  With the KSG especially, a gun that is already superbly well balanced, the Throw and Go sling and the button just behind the grip keep you ready to shoot at a moment’s notice.  Even when you hands aren’t on the KSG, it is right where it needs to be.  Ready.

man utilizing button sling at the range

The Throw and Go Slings with the steel Mega Latch or Universal Snap Hooks sell for under $50.  The plastic tab version is about $10 less.  The various Button pins and Hook Ring pins sell for under $20, or $28, (the lower price is for the reversible pins, the higher for ambi two sided pins).  That’s hard to beat.

Check out Button Sling if you haven’t already.  And pass the word.  These guys are doing great work, and making their gear available at great prices.

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