Gear Review: Carson Optical C6 Lens Cleaner (VIDEO)

I hate spots on my glasses, so I’m constantly wiping them off with my shirt. And it works in ideal situations like inside my house or office, but when I’m working outside for an extended period of time dealing with the elements my shirt can get wet or hold on to the particles I’m trying to get rid of. With enough time, however, I can ignore spots or haze on my glasses and just move on, but when it comes to a dirty lens on my rifle scope or camera, it could literally effect the outcome of my shot and sometimes one is all you get. And for that, a shirt just won’t cut it, so something with a sturdier design is needed.

Carson, an optics company, recently released its new C6 Compact Lens Cleaner, a field cleaning kit for scopes, binoculars, cameras, and telescopes. It’s a smaller version of the company’s standard version. The kit is encapsulated in a small plastic tube slightly smaller than a dry erase marker, and it’s equipped with two different tools for cleaning lenses. On one side is a retractable brush and the other is a dry nano-particle removing tip. Ideally the brush would be used to remove dust, dirt or sand, while the dry nano-particle cleaner is more for wiping away smudges or fingerprints.

How well does it work? performed a couple of tests to see how well the C6 worked and it worked fine. We sprinkled dust onto the lens of an old red dot scope. After covering it with dust and giving it a slight blow, the brush pushed away the really fine particles left over. The C6 was able to clear it without a hitch.

Next we tested the nano-particle removing tip. To test it out, we ran our fingers over the scope, smearing the lens with our fingerprints and again, the C6 simply erased all of the marks.

The nano-particle is made of a carbon-based material that looks rugged but feels spongy, which makes sense because it’s job is to bond with and then remove unwanted oils or chemicals stuck to the lenses.

Final thoughts

This certainly isn’t a new concept, but what’s unique about the C6 Lens Cleaner is the compactness of the kit and the nano-particle cleaning tip. The C6 is available in three different sizes, each one no more burdensome than a pen. But what’s called the “compact” version comes with a hook so it can attach to a keyring.

If you plan on being out in the field for more than a few hours, this would definitely be a convenient tool to have with you. With its compact size it’s easy to carry and it’s easy to intuit how to use it. Carson lists it for $10, but you can find it online for $5 to $10.

For more information check out the Carson Optical website or the company’s Facebook page.

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