Gear Review: Customize Your Kel-Tec KSG

I have to admit that I was a bit dubious about customizing a Kel-Tec KSG.  The gun is super compact, and very ergonomic.  Except for the absence of iron sights, I liked it just fine the way it was.  But I kept reading about people making some basic modifications, and raving about the results, so I figured it was my professional responsibility to look into the options.

There are some basics, like a set of Magpul MBUS, that are essential.  A forend grip is logical, but optional.  Yet there are two other options that seem much more subtle, but are really nice extras.

The Cheek Cover

The first is all about comfort.  This was the one I thought I would like least.  After all, it is simply a piece of Kydex shaped to fit over the stock/receiver of the KSG.  The factory configuration leaves a chunk of bent aluminum, naked on the back end of the gun.  It is cold.  Not that you think about it much when you’re shooting, but it isn’t a really comfortable feeling.

ksg 1

The Cheek Cover is much warmer.  And a bit cooler, too, when the KSG gets good and warmed up.  It really stabilizes the temperature.  The texture of the Kydex is nice, too.  It isn’t oily or slick.

The overall look of the piece is very much in line with the aesthetic of the KSG.  The lines compliment the lines of the gun.  The Kydex is close enough to the polymer on the gun that it looks perfectly at home.  In fact, it is so subtle that it is hardly noticeable.

The Cheek Cover attaches with simple tension.  The Kydex is molded with a bit of a spring to it.  Spread it wide, and drop it over the stock and it snaps into place.

ksg 2

There are really only two positive points that grab the KSG, but those are more than enough to hold the Cheek Cover in place.  These two tabs position the Cheek Cover perfectly.  And they are strong enough to withstand the installation and removal, if you so desire.  We put it on and took it off multiple times to see if it would stand up to the abuse, and it did just fine.

ksg 6

If anything, the Cheek Cover flattens out the contrast of the black version of the KSG.  Alone, it sells for $50.  That price is going to seem high to some, for what it does.  But I’ve had the Cheek Cover on this KSG for close to two months now, and I think the price is reasonable for those who spend a lot of time with their face up against the KSG.

ksg 4

And the folks at Cheek Cover are packaging the cover with another useful device, a Carlson Comp Enforcer Muzzle Device.  Together, the two are Selling for $100.

The Enforcer

The Kel-Tec KSG Enforcer Muzzle Device is a logical addition for any duty KSG.  I don’t find myself breaching too many locked doors, but it is nice to know that I could.  The Enforcer, from Carlson Comps, is a chunk of steel.  It screws onto the end of the KSG’s barrel, and adds less than two inches of length.  The Enforcer (which I’ve found listed as a Carlson Comp and a Double Star, too) has four ports, a checkered surface to help with assembly, and four chisel points.

ksg 3

We honestly couldn’t tell much difference with recoil.  This isn’t to say that the enforcer doesn’t help, but we’re talking about a KSG.  It kicks.  The bullpup design puts the recoil directly into your shoulder.  After a couple of hundred rounds of low brass at one shoot, I had bruising on my shoulder.

The Magpul vertical forend grip helps keep down muzzle-rise.  And the Enforcer’s cuts do help reduce muzzle flash.  Instead of the fireball the KSG puts out (especially with 3″ shells), the Enforcer dissipates the gasses and the flash is more subtle.  While it won’t keep you hidden, it will help you maintain your night vision in low light situations.  We tried it out at night, and it is a noticeable reduction.

ksg 5

Getting the barrel nut off of the KSG isn’t easy.  You may need heat, as we did, to break the nut loose.  We tried a couple of different wrenches, and a varying degrees of heat.  In the end, it required two of us to hold down the KSG and break the nut free.  So be prepared.


Together, the KSG begins to evolve.  What is already a functional gun becomes more ergonomic, and more useful in low light situations.  If you’re going to use the KSG on a regular basis, the price is nothing.  These add-ons are a no-brainer.

There is one more essential piece of gear on this KSG, and that is the Button Sling.  But it deserves its own review.  More on that to come.

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