Gear Review: Dene Adams Slim Blondie corset holster (VIDEO)

The Dene Adams Slim Blondie corset breaks into the gun world as a fashionable alternative to concealed carry. An appendix-inside-the-waistband affair, the corset aims to add style and flexibility to the wearer’s wardrobe.

With fashion gaining importance to women entering concealed carry, does the Dene Adams corset function as good as it looks?

The good: looks and style


Front of Dene Adams Slim Blondie corset holster. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

Dene Adams corset is stunningly attractive—it’s a stylish approach to carrying that will no doubt impress women looking for a fashionable product.

Fitted with two sets of eye-hooks up the front, the holster comes together around the waist of the wearer. The result is a corset that is easy to don and remove. Eye-hook enclosures do mean that wearers need to size themselves correctly and hope weight fluctuations don’t render the holster useless.


Outside of Dene Adams corset, featuring two pockets. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

Two firearm pockets along the front are available for firearms or magazines making this rig ambidextrous. The pockets are one size fits most, most being subcompact or compact. I was unable to effectively squeeze my full size Springfield XD into the pocket; however, the Taurus 709, Ruger LC9, and Springfield Mod.2 fit well.

A Velcro retention strap holds handguns in place and prevents them for moving too much inside the pocket. It’s imperative that this strap is utilized. As I learned, forgetting to secure the retention strap results in a floppy firearm that will undoubtedly fall out of the holster should the wearer bend.


Velcro retention straps. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

The real advantage to such a stylish design is its discreteness. If a shirt should ride up, there is no obvious sign of a holstered weapon. All any lookers would see is a lacy corset.

The bad: movement and safety

I rigorously tested the corset with my Taurus 709 and Ruger LC9. I really wanted to like this rig. On paper, it seemed like a winner. It was stylish, comfortable, and afforded the concealer the ability to carry multiple firearms or extra magazines.


Inside of Dene Adams Slim Blondie. This rig is incredibly comfortable. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

While the holster was indeed comfortable, I found that throughout the course of my day it routinely twisted and turned. I averaged three to four trips over the course of an eight-hour day to the bathroom to resituate the holster back into position. I prefer holsters that confidently stay in place on my body. I don’t want to worry about when my next bathroom break is simply because I need to readjust a holster.

For the record, I spoke with Anna Taylor the CEO of Dene Adams who did tell me that my movement issues were due to sizing errors. She suggested I would need a smaller size for a better fit.


Side view of Dene Adams Slim Blondie. This rig required periodic readjustment. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

The Dene Adams landed on my doorstep almost a year ago. At that point, it fit a lot better. Over the course of this year ,  like many women, experienced weight fluctuations. Now, my corset is a lot looser.

My point in all this is weight fluctuations are a problem with this rig. If you tend to gain or lose weight throughout the year, as I do, a corset dependent on being the perfect size to function properly is not the best option. If your weight tends to stay static, no need to worry.

My second observation was there is nothing to prevent the trigger from being pulled inside the holster. With an unloaded Ruger LC9 inside the right firearm pocket, I attempted to pull the trigger from the outside of the fabric. Click. It was too easy.


Despite some safety and movement concerns, this corset holsters gets high marks for concealment. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

My next test was to see if the trigger could be manipulated by another object against the corset. I was thinking of nurses or other healthcare professionals who might be bending with a clipboard resting against their midsection.

I was unable to locate a clipboard of my own, so I substituted a children’s book instead. I held it against the firearm pocket, bent over, and with little resistance I heard the discernible click of a gun that would have gone bang if loaded.

Negligent discharges are bad enough but especially in a rig that has the firearm in appendix carry. Unsafe is an understatement.


Dene Adams offers a Petite model and a trigger guard kit to address trigger guarding concerns. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

Dene Adams is aware of these unguarded trigger concerns and has addressed them by offering customers two solutions. The first is a new corset, the Petite corset, which has a trigger guard kit included. It features a molded Kydex guard that utilizes Velcro to fit inside the firearm pockets on the corset. It retails for $119.99.

Previous customers who are unable to purchase the brand new Petite will have to instead install a trigger guard kit into the firearm pocket of the corset. The kit itself is offered free of charge, but does require shipping and handling. The actual trigger guard must also be purchased and retails for $22.50. Sewing in this safety feature, I might add, also voids any returns or exchanges with the company.

Final thoughts

To its credit, the corset can expand a wardrobe. Without the need for a sturdy belt line, the holster can be worn with just about anything from yoga pants to skirts or business attire.


The Dene Adams Slim Blondie retails for $119.99. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

However, the main function of a holster is to be a safe way to carry and conceal a firearm. While the Dene Adams Slim Blondie I received certainly adds some stylish flare to concealed carry, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of safety. The company has addressed these needs and is taking a step in the right direction; but I always prefer a rig that comes complete and doesn’t require purchased add-ons to make it safe.

If the corset catches your eye I highly recommend either upgrading to the Petite model or purchasing the trigger guard and sew-in kit to ensure this holster keeps you safe in the fight.

The Dene Adams Slim Blondie retails for $119.99.

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