Gear Review: Five quality OWB holster options for range day

OWB rigs on the range make moving about easier as well as providing better conditions for particular drills and training. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

On the range, an outside the waistband holster allows for realistic practice drills and safely storing a firearm in between shooting sessions, but a good OWB holster also makes it easier to secure your firearm while tackling menial tasks like changing out targets, loading mags or cleaning brass. With plenty of options on the market, selected five top OWB picks for range day use.

Stealth Gear USA Flex Ventcore OWB

The Stealth Gear USA Flex Ventcore sees SGUSA’s popular Ventcore backing paired to a Kydex shell balancing retention with comfort. (Photo: Stealth Gear USA)

Stealth Gear USA introduces a hybrid approach to the OWB pairing its Ventcore backing with a Kydex shell. The Kydex, molded for each model gun, maintains retention while the backing offers breathability. The Flex OWB’s construction is high and tight, keeping it close to the user’s body. This sturdy approach allows users to accomplish range day drills and afterwards venture into town with their firearm concealed under a shirt.

Utilizing an OWB clip that offers the convenience of an OWB loop with a clip-on style, the clip design allows for a flusher look as well as the ability to mount onto MOLLE platforms. Offered in a few patterns and colors, the Stealth Gear US Flex Ventcore OWB is the priciest items on our list, retailing for $149.

Blade-Tech Classic OWB Holster

Blade-Tech incorporates adjustable retention and positive lock trigger guard into its design. (Photo: Blade-Tech)

Blade-Tech’s Classic OWB Holster is, well, classic, in its design and shape. The minimalistic OWB holster offers a variety of fits for a range of firearms. Featuring a speed-cut for faster draw times, the Classic OWB holster pairs adjustable retention with a positive trigger lock guard to ensure a firm fit when the gun is holstered.

Fitted to the belt line with a Tek-Lok Attachment, the Classic OWB is bulkier than the Stealth Gear; however, the holster’s design is IDPA legal. A decent option when drills are on the agenda, the Classic OWB by Blade-Tech is priced at $79.

JM Custom Kydex OWB 1 Holster

The OWB 1 Holster by JM Custom Kydex are designed to hug the body allowing users to sport them both on and off the range. (Photo: JM Custom Kydex)

Offering two OWB styles, JM Custom Kydex’s OWB 1 boasts a body-hugging style perfect for the range and then some errands. The OWB 1 is ever so slightly curved to form to the body, keeping the profile easily concealed if needed. Mounting to the belt line with belt loops placed on either side of the holster, the OWB 1 looks to give users a stable and sturdy platform from which to work. The OWB 1 offers three different cant positions – zero-, 10- and 15-degree – for users to customize for their own purposes and preferences.

Featuring retention screws, the holster’s design can be tweaked to achieve user preferred retention. The OWB 1 holster comes with the user’s choice of three different sweat guards offering full coverage, mid coverage or no sweat guard at all. With a bevy of colors to choose from, the JM Custom Kydex OWB 1 Holster starts at $75.

Comp-Tac Paddle Holster

The Comp-Tac Paddle Holsters offers a paddle style attachment which some users find most comfortable on the range. (Photo: Comp-Tac)

For shooters who prefer a paddle holster at the ready, the aptly named Comp-Tac Paddle Holster delivers just that. The holster is a Kydex construction featuring an easy to slip-on paddle designed for wear at the three o’clock position. The paddle reduces time spent fussing with the belt as it simply slides over the belt. Comp-Tac equips the Paddle Holster with two curving tabs that snag the bottom of the belt, preventing the holster from sliding off the belt while drawing. The Comp-Tac holster is IDPA, USPSA and IPSC legal.

Available for right-handed shooters only, the Paddle Holster offers fits for all popular makes and models of firearms in addition to providing colors for shooters to choose. The Paddle Holster by Comp-Tac offers slightly more bulk than the body hugging OWBs, but slips into the market at a lower price retailing for $69.

Raven Concealment Perun OWB Holster

The Raven Concealment Perun offers a means to tote a weapon mounted light on the firearm of choice allowing shooters to practice in various lighting conditions on the range. (Photo: Raven Concealment)

The Perun OWB from Raven Concealment blends features from the company’s popular Eidolon and Phatom series, delivering a pancake style holster. Injection-molded, the Perun offers modular belt loops that allows the user to configure the rig for right-handed or left-handed use as well as zero- or 10-degree cant. The Perun offers the perk of compatibility with slide mounted red-dot optics as well as suppressor height sights up to .350-inches tall.

Unique to the Perun is the rounded muzzle end of the holster. This end is left open to easily accommodate after-market extended and threaded barrels. Raven Concealment also said this open muzzle space helps keep the holster clear by allowing any foreign object or debris to fall out of the muzzle end of the rig. The Perun is limited to Glock and Smith & Wesson M&P pistols but provides a modest price of $39.


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