Gear Review: Lethal Lace CC holster


The Lethal Lace holster is a great option for those interested in shoulder carry but who may be too small to wear traditional shoulder rigs. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

While I prefer a kydex holster mounted on a sturdy belt, let’s be real. I’m not always chasing after my kids in a gun belt and jeans. In fact, my usual mom wear is a pair of athletic pants and a t-shirt.


The Lethal Lace holster is a one size fits all fabric holster that relies on wearers to wind the lace fabric around themselves. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

The Lethal Lace holster grabbed my attention because it touts itself as an alternative to the traditional, belted holster. Its lacy fabric also gives it a design edge for those of us who like to marry fashion with concealed carry. It looks sleek and sexy but is it a practical choice for those that opt out of a traditional rig?

What is a Lethal Lace?

The Lethal Lace consists of a firearm pocket flanked by stretchy, lace fabric. The fabric is wound around the intended carry area until taunt. The tension of the fabric keeps the firearm in place.


A pocket at one end of the holster holds the firearm in place. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

Plenty of fabric is provided so there’s no need to measure to ensure proper fit. The wealth of fabric also gives this holster the strength of versatility. The Lethal Lace can be use for abdomen, hip, ankle, thigh, shoulder and even bra carry. Anywhere you can wind the Lethal Lace, a firearm can go.

Five holsters in one


The author concealing a Ruger LC9 on the abdomen using the Lethal Lace. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

While I still prefer the Can Can Hip Hugger for non-belted hip carry the Lethal Lace still proves useful in other configurations. Specifically, I found the Lethal Lace a nice alternative to the Flashbang holster. Where the Flashbang muzzles the wearer’s chest, the Lethal Lace can be oriented to avoid this. The fabric can also be tugged over the shoulder and secured to give a more secure fit.


The Lethal Lace can be used in abdomen or back carry as well as thigh, ankle and shoulder. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

While the Lethal Lace is a versatile holster it’s not without flaws. I had a difficult time getting the Lethal Lace to cooperate when I first pulled it out of the box and there’s likely going to be a bit of a learning curve for anyone with this product. You can’t just pop it out of the box and go. Using it effectively takes a few tries, but once you unlock the magic combination of placement and tension it becomes a viable holster option.


This holster tends to slip down the ankle while wearing a dress. Pair with boots for a better ankle carry experience. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

The holster held up great on my torso and as a shoulder rig. Ankle and thigh were a different matter. When I strapped the Lethal Lace to my ankle I was very disappointed to find that within a few steps, the firearm had slipped down my leg and was resting on my ankle. Not great when you’re sporting a dress and heels. With boots, though, the Lethal Lace turned into a champ. The boot was able to keep the Lethal Lace from slipping and the Lethal Lace kept my firearm concealed but accessible inside my shoe. A pair of boots and the Lethal Lace proved to be a winning combination.


To better secure the firearm during thigh carry, I opted to wind the fabric around her waist like a garter belt then secure the fabric to the thigh. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

Thigh carry initially suffered from the same flaw of the firearm slipping down my leg. I rectified this problem by creating a sort of garter belt to help distribute the weight of the pistol. I wound the fabric around my thigh a few times and once around my hips. I secured the clip to the thigh portion and just like that no more slippage.

Final thoughts


The Lethal Lace is a viable option for women who can’t wear traditional belted holsters. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

On first glance, the Lethal Lace seems like a lot of work. It is compared to traditional holsters and even some non-belted holsters on the market. Where it excels though is its ability to adapt to the wearer. Unlike static holsters on the market, which can only be worn in one way, the Lethal Lace can be manipulated to work for you.

Marrying deep concealment with versatility, the multi-function Lethal Lace gun holster is an affordable option. At $57.99 and available in four colors, this holster is best suited for those who need multiple options for concealed carry and aren’t afraid to get creative.


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