The Armortek: A lightweight, rugged way to transport a gun

Armortek has identified a niche in the firearms market and is tailoring their cases to meet the specific need.  These cases offer layers of protection designed to thwart the efforts of fast moving thieves. The snatch-and-grab.  Crimes of opportunity.

While the Armortek cases aren’t going to stand up to anyone with a basic set of hand tools and no time constraints, they are more than a match for the idiots who rely on crimes of opportunity.  And that’s enough for most of us.


The foam inside the Armortek feels similar to the squish of a Tempurpedic mattress.  It is more dense than typical open celled foam, and not as rigid as most closed cell foams.  The velour covering makes for a nice clean look, too.  Guns, even those as large as this Ruger Redhawk, simply press into the foam, which will conform to the shape (and hold the impression for a long while after).  The interior is 20 inches by 10- and 4-inch deep.

The first measure of security is the exterior, which is made of plastic and nylon.  This is designed to offer a some basic protection against wear and weather.  It is functional enough, and part of the effort to keep weight down.  This case weighs in just over 4 pounds.


Beneath the exterior is a steel basket.  The welded grid of 13 gauge steel forms a clam-shell of protection.  Again, I’ll refer to the speed factor.  The steel cage isn’t impervious to anyone with wire cutters, but it will stop someone from slashing through the exterior with a knife.  That is much more of a problem with nylon cases left in cars, or backpacks or purses, but it is nice to know it is an option.  And it won’t be beaten open with a hammer as easily as plastic cases.


The Armortek comes with a tether, also.  It is a braided steel cable that can be used to lock the case inside a car, or to a suitcase.  That makes the case even more versatile.  I wouldn’t check anything as small as this with any airline.  It is too small.  But I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with the Armortek locked up and locked to a larger suitcase.

At the top of the case is a four part lockable closure that is well thought out.  Each zipper has a steel tab that doubles as both a zipper pull and a lockable latch.  They overlap each other, and fit over bent steel loops from the top and bottom basket.  So the bottom and the top and both sides of the zipper closure can be locked down securely.


If someone were to cut through the zipper, they’d find the basket held tightly together.  In addition to the steel basket, there are steel wings around the interior that are designed to prevent someone from prying the case open.

They’ve just launched a second generation of their cases, which is a good sign that they’re addressing user concerns as they arise.  Their small pistol case sells for somewhere around $75.  They offer larger cases for two pistols, one for an AR length rifle, and a longer one for sporting guns.


Armortek is onto something here, I think.  Portable steel lock-boxes are great, but not so convenient to carry.  And they really advertise that they’re holding something valuable.  So do these, but in a more subtle way.  These smaller pistol cases are ideal for a trip to the range, or for locking beneath the seat of a car.  Though they’re easy enough to break open, doing so takes time and tools.  And that is more than most most thieves can muster.

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