Gear Review: Little Black Gun earrings by Enverie


All three Little Black Gun earrings are fashioned from .40 caliber Winchester shell casings. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

Gun ownership has gone past simply stocking guns and ownership and into overt displays of gun love. Shirts, hats, patches and now even jewelry are proudly put on display to show Second Amendment support.

Little Black Gun, by Enverie, is a fashionable line of gun-inspired jewelry for the gals looking to advocate for their 2A rights while adding some flare to their wardrobe.



The clear pair were my favorite as they meshed well with all my outfits; however, they were the heaviest causing my ears to hurt by the end of the day. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

Little Black Gun, sent me three pairs — green, pink and clear — of their .40 caliber shell casing earrings for review.  All three are made of stainless steel with a clear, plastic backing. The backing is large, so it’s easy to find should you have a tendency to drop things as I do. The backings hold enough tension on the earrings’ posts so there’s no worry over losing one during strenuous activity.

The earrings sit flush to the ear eliminating concerns over snagging. Though the earrings fit snugly, the posts are long and with over-the-ear headphones or ear protection quickly become bothersome. I took my earrings to the range to test them out while slinging rounds downrange. I didn’t even make it to the firing line before I had to remove my ear pro and remove the earrings, tucking them into my wallet for safe-keeping.

The same occurred while listening to music through my headphones. I had to consciously move them out of the way of the ear-cups or remove them entirely, lest I have extra holes in my head from all the poking.

Both the green and clear pairs are double stacked in the sense that they are thicker than the pink pair, which offers a more slim and lightweight design. While I loved the look of the clear pair, the weight often left my ears hurting by the end of the day. The thin pink pair, by far, were more comfortable for all day wear. If you’re sensitive to earring weight, I’d highly recommend choosing the thin pair.

Splash of color


The pink pair were slimmer and lighter, making it easier to wear all day. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

As a fan of that silver look, the stainless steel seamlessly integrated into my wardrobe. The earrings offered a pop of color but were still subtle enough to wear to dressier events. The pink and green pairs I reserved for fun outings with my kids where I was most likely to wear t-shirts or blouses and jeans but wanted a little jewelry to compliment my attire.

The clear pair, styled to look more like diamonds, were perfect for occasions where I wanted to dress it up a bit but add some gun flare. From girls nights out to work events like SHOT Show, the clear pair were my go-to earrings.

Final thoughts

Little Black Gun’s shell casing earrings come in a variety of colors. At $24.99 they are an affordable and fun way to show your 2A support, while not being overly cliche. If earrings aren’t your thing, the company also offers bracelets and necklaces.

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