Gear Review: Magpul MS4 Dual QD Multi-Mission Sling

Magpul makes great gear.  Their Pmags have come to dominate the AR industry.  The popularity of their magazines, and the well deserved reputation they’ve acquired, has given Magpul the freedom to make a wide variety of tactical gear.

And everything I’ve see from them, from stocks and grips to iPhone cases, bears the mark of innovation and precision that has come to define the brand.

Their straps are a perfect example of this.  They offer two styles of straps in all of the standard muted colors.  Their MS3 Multi-Mission Sling is well known and continues to evolve.  These clip on slings, in various versions, are affixed to rifles across the world.

But the industry shifts into Quick Detach mode, and Magpul is ready with new single point and double point options.

magpul sling

Button, button, who’s got the button?

I’m not sure which genius invented the Quick Detach (QD) latch.  The concept is in use in many applications.  The two opposite ends of the fastener connect securely with very little to get in the way of mobility.

The male end has ball bearings protruding from the shaft.  These bearings are held in place inside by a sleeve, which is held in place with a spring.  Magpul’s tolerances are tight, so dirt won’t easily make it into the mechanism.

magpul sling female side view

The female side has a channel cut to accept the ball bearings.  When the bearings click into this channel, both sides lock together.  When the pressure is applied to the button, the pressure on the back side of the bearings is lessened, allowing them to move into the shaft.  This releases them from the channel.  Magpul has cut ports into the fastener to allow dirt and debris to pass thorough without gumming up the works.

magpul sling close up view

The MS4 Dual QD Multi-Mission Sling

Magpul makes two QD slings. The MS3 Single QD Sling is one option.  The other is the more versatile MS4 Dual QD Multi-Mission Sling.  It can be worn as a single point, or two point sling.

The single point sling is a useful tool.  It allows for the rifle to be worn on the chest, or just below, and it offers fast access.  Both hands can be free if needed, or one hand can rest on the grip.  The gun is there, ready for quick-draw like use.  This has become the standard means of carry for indoor and close quarters carry.

male shooter with magpul sling on rifle

But there are times when two points of connection are useful.  If you will carrying a rifle for any distance, slinging it over your back will lighten the load.  Or, if the gun you are carrying has any length, it may be hard to balance on a single point sling.  In those cases, having the option to connect two points is useful.

But why not both?  That’s where the MS4 comes in.  This sling can be worn as a single point sling or connect at two points.  The QD points are robust.  The fasteners are built of steel.  The 1.25″ webbing is nylon.

Using the MS4

The QD points attach very easily.  And they disengage just as quickly.  That said, the buttons have a low profile, which means they’re almost impossible to push accidentally.  Magpul has engineered a delicate balance between ease of use and security that makes the QD mounts ideal.

magpul sling extension

And the strap has a loop of webbing sewn in to allow for one handed adjustment.  While it looks odd, this loop is easy to find (even when you can’t see it) and it lets you adjust the strap with one hand, if needed, without taking your other hand off the gun’s grip.

On a gun like this IWI Tavor, which has QD mounts built into the frame, a single point connection works perfectly.  The gun pendulums just below your chest, and comes up in a smooth motion that feel very natural.  The Tavor is an ideal rifle for close quarters, and the single point sling helps a shooter realize the Tavor’s potential.

magpul sling on iwi tavor rifle

But the longer barrel in the bullpup configuration means the Tavor can go from CQB to patrol very easily.  In open terrain, where sight distances are longer, a two point sling connection may make carrying the Tavor much more comfortable.  While the style of carry isn’t as fast, it is even more stable, as the strap can provide another point of resistance to stabilize the gun.

Strap one on

The Magpul MS4 seems like it was built for the Tavor.  It is a kick-ass sling.  And it is a Magpul.  I’m not saying this because I’m some sort of brand-loyal fanboy.  I mean it’s a Magpul.  The embattled Colorado company makes great gear.  At $59.95, the MS4 isn’t cheap.  But it isn’t cheap.  It may be the only strap you ever need.

The MS4 is another way to get a perfect piece of gear and support a company that is fighting for freedom on more at home and abroad.

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