Gear Review: Mother's Day gift guide

Here’s one certain truth—if you’re shopping Mother’s Day Gift Guide for your mama, she’s one cool lady.  Whether you have a gun kind of budget or you’re more on the bookmark pay scale, we have something to make your outdoorsy life-giver smile.

Weatherby Mark V Camilla

Weatherby’s Mark V Camilla buttstock is customized for a woman’s unique build, with slimmer lines, a heightened Monte Carlo rollover, and shorter length of pull. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

The Mark V Camilla Deluxe premium bolt action hunting rifle comes with a steep MSRP of $2,700 but it’s a true hand-me-through-the-generations kind of rifle.  The new Mark V version of the built-for-women-by-women rifle comes in .240 Wby Mag, .270, and 30-06. Our only wish is they chambered it in some of the bigger Weatherby calibers, especially the all-around fantastic .257 Wby Mag.  If you’re thinking a Camilla rifle is the way to go, but want to save a few bucks while still pleasing mom, Weatherby’s Vanguard Camilla is a solid choice at less than a third of the price.

Henry American Beauty

Detail of the American Beauty’s receiver reveals intricate hand engraving done by master engraver Heidi Roos and the inlaid 14K rose gold American Beauty Rose. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

What woman doesn’t want a little bling on her special day?  Henry knows that even sweet 2A ladies would love a blend of firearms, silver and 14K gold.  Enter, the American Beauty. This is a limited run, lever action .22 S, L, LR lifetime kind of gift named for the iconic American Beauty rose inlaid on the hand-engraved receiver.  If this is your gift, not only is mama bear one lucky gal, but you are one of the best gift givers of the year.  MSRP is $949, but online retailers have been blowing it out for just over six bills. See our full review for more details.

Pachmayr Snap Caps

Pachmayr’s A-Zoom line of snap caps covers most every caliber and gauge on the market, and are a must-have practice tool for dry firing, trigger control, mag changes, and function tests. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Available in over 100 calibers for everything from shotguns to pistols to revolvers and rifles, snap caps are really a must-have for any shooter.  Pachmayr’s A-Zoom line of snap caps have been expanded and improved for 2018, and they make a great affordable gift for any shooter or hunter, or in this case, huntress.  I find myself reaching for the snap caps often to safely practice dry firing, trigger control, mag changes, function testing and even storage. The “dead cap” primers protect your gun’s firing pin and most are CNC machined metal for extreme durability, though the polymer versions work well too.  Retail prices range from $10.50-$24.50.

Orca Chasertini

Orca Coolers is at the top of their market, and the introduction of new and innovative drinkware is icing on the cake—or in this case, cold martinis in the double wall stainless Chasertini. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Orca’s Chaser line of drinkware grew in size for 2018, and we think Mom might like to kick back on her special day with a nice cold martini or other pleasurable beverage in her Chasertini.  The sleek unit is made of double-wall stainless steel and large enough to hold a full eight ounces.  The signature Orca whale-tail top is BPA-free and clear to see when a refill is needed.  With an MSRP of $24.99, this is an affordable gift for happy hour.


Decibullz custom molded hearing protection is revolutionizing the way shooters think about hearing protection. The plugs are easily molded at home, and can be upgraded with percussive filters or even wireless earphones for music on the go. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Nothing improves range time like quality hearing protection, and Decibullz is one name you need to know.  No more clunky electronic muffs or passive covers—Decibullz makes custom molded earplugs that you fit easily at home.  Best of all, you can start with the standard plugs and add the Percussive Shooting Filters later, which function like electronic filters without batteries.  Even if Mother is not a hardcore shooter, Decilbullz also offers wireless Bluetooth and in-ear audio headphones, excellent for music junkies on the go or workout time.  Pricing on the Custom Molded Plugs is $25.99 retail, with the upgrades able to be added anytime down the line for $59-$89.

Secret Compartment Furniture Accent Table

Secret Compartment Furniture features Amish craftsmanship for a functional and beautiful place to hide your guns. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Who knew guns and home décor could meld so well? This shaker-style accent table is constructed of solid maple wood, Amish-made in Holmes County, Ohio.  Held by powerful magnets, one removable side panel — not discernable from the other three side panels — conceals a 10x10x3-inch felt-lined secret compartment ideal for handguns and other items you’d like hidden yet always at the ready.  Overall dimensions on this particular table in inches are 14Wx14Dx28.5H, though the company offers plenty of other styles, all with retail prices in the $299-599 range.  That’s 100 percent made in the USA quality, but if that’s too steep a price, I’m sure the lady in your life would welcome a home-built version just as much.

Yeti Panga 50

Yeti’s Panga 50 is the smallest size in the lineup of three, yet is large enough to hold plenty of gear for a longer trek while still fitting in airline overhead bins. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Some will argue that Yeti is putting their name on just about everything these days, from chairs to buckets.  Scoff if you will, but their Panga series of waterproof, submersible bags is exceptional, and the 50 size is one that can do it all.  I have found uses for everything from backcountry hunting trips to fishing, boating, and just general travel.  With both shoulder straps to be worn as a backpack this bag is built to be on the move.  The 50 is the smallest size and has ample room for a week’s travel or a day’s adventure knowing your gear will be safe and dry. Even stuffed full, it still fits in overhead bins, doubling as a durable carry-on. Retail price is stout at $299, but if Mom likes Yeti products, this is a good one.

Alps Outdoorz Monarch X Pack

The Alps Outdoorz Monarch X pack designed specifically for women does not disappoint and is my go-to hunting pack. Not only does it pack all your gear, but doubles as a hunter’s meat pack as well. The shorter torso length and customized straps are created for women, while still maintaining plenty of features and storage. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Whether Mom’s a hunter or a hiker, the Monarch X pack from Alps Outdoorz is made for her.  It is designed to fit a woman’s frame with shorter torso and appropriate chest and waist straps.  There is a drop-down bow/rifle holder, shooting stick/tripod holder, hydration pack stowage, raincover, and plenty of compression straps. After packing out deer and antelope using the stowable meat shelf and hauling a week’s worth of hunting gear up and down Wyoming, I can testify to not only the comfort, but also the durability and features of the Monarch. MSRP is $199, and it’s worth every penny.  This is my go-to pack, the fine folks at Alps, including some great women, are as passionate about hunting and the outdoors as they are making top-of-the-line products.

Gatorz Boxster Glasses

Gatorz Eyewear comes in a numerous unisex styles, with the Boxter in Cerakote White shown here the most popular among women. The company will even hook buyers up with prescription lenses through the website. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

All Gatorz glasses are built around 7075 billet aluminum frames, making them surprisingly flexible and adjustable. Most styles are unisex, polarized, 100 percent UV resistant, with ballistic impact resistance; while they also debuted an ANSI safety rated version as well, which is excellent for serious shooting use. The Boxster models we’re showing here in both Cerakote White and the limited edition “Barbells for Boobs” Pink, which are most popular with the ladies, retail at $200.  Gatorz offers appealing military and first responder discounts as well, and they are a dedicated, handcrafted-in-America company that donates to plenty of worthwhile causes.  They’ll even set buyers up with prescription lenses for additional cost.

Happy Mother’s Day

Whether she prefers a day on the shooting range, a spring hunt, or a day of rest, this is her day.  Happy Mother’s Day and happy shopping.  Let’s raise a glass—in this case, an Orca Chasertini—to Mom’s everywhere!

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