Gear Review: MOLLE Multi Holsters

Multi Holsters.  I can’t say enough about the versatility of Tony Catner, the brains behind the Kydex creations at Multi Holsters.  When Colt re-released the Mustang a couple of years back,  I bought a stock leather IWB from one of the major makers, and the new Mustang just didn’t fit right.  I went on a search for a holster.  A good holster.  Catner was one of the first selling Kydex holsters for the new version, and the holster he sent was perfect.

multi holsters06

Ever since, when I need something stock, or something custom, I turn to Multi Holsters.  And I’ve never been disappointed.  The holsters fit, the service is excellent, and their prices are great.

The new MOLLE rig

I recently picked up a Glock 23.  I’m not a Glock aficionado, by any means.  Yet a lot of the gear I review is made for Glock pistols, and I’ve found it prudent to have one on hand.  With that in mind, I’m carrying the Glock, training with the Glock, learning to love the ugly little bugger.

multi holsters08

And I’ve got Glock holsters piling up.  Literally.  Leather, Kydex, even a couple of nylon rigs.  IWB.  OWB.  Combos.  Almost all of them work well enough.  They will hold the Glock securely.  But the fit isn’t always what I want.  I’ve gotten spoiled by the attention to detail I found in the very first holster Multi Holsters sent.

So I went back to the source.  A quick search of the webpage didn’t turn up exactly what I was looking for, so I asked.  A few weeks later, I had the holster in hand.

multi holsters09

The basic structure of the holster isn’t new.  It is molded Kydex, joined with bolts that squeeze down on rubber washers.  The edges are cut precisely, rounded over and finished so there are no rough spots.  The slick interior of the holster allows for good surface contact with very little abrasion.  The exterior, which has more texture, is a bit more matte.

I had the holster built in black.  I’m putting together a black battle belt, and the Glock will be an integral part of that rig.  Here, I’ve got it on a 5.11 Rush 72, just to show off the holster.  The Kydex comes in a slew of colors, so matching is easy enough.

multi holsters01

On the back of the holster are two MOLLE clips made by Blade-Tech.  These clips are quickly becoming the industry standard.  They are easy enough to insert through web straps, and then fold over on themselves.  The lock is a simple closure that uses the srping tension inherent in the plastic to keep the clip in place.  If they do come apart, the protrusions of the small clasps catches in the webbing and keeps holsters from just falling off.

multi holsters10

Beneath the clips, the holster has a series of holes drilled in a square pattern so the holster (by way of changing the orientation of the clips) can be worn vertically, or horizontally, or at an angle.

Wearing the holster

I’ve only just begun to test the potential of the new rig.  I’ll have more of a practical review shortly.  But I can say this.  I ordered two Glock 23 holsters from Multi Holsters this time.  This one and a traditional IWB (pictured below) with an FBI cant that I can wear in the small of my back.

multi holsters12

When they arrived, I threw on the IWB and tested the fit of the gun.  It was perfect.  The gun snicks in, and draws with minimal effort.  Keep in mind that I’m not looking for a holster with heavy retention, or one with any added security.  I want to be able to slide my hand up under my coat tail and come out with a pistol in one fluid motion.  And the IWB was tuned perfectly.

multi holsters13

It was tuned so perfectly, in fact, that I worried about the fit on the MOLLE holster.  I didn’t want that holster to be quite as loose.  It would need to ride vertically on a belt, and horizontally on a vest, and also on a pack’s hip belt.  It needed more tension.

multi holsters14

So I slipped the Glock in and pulled.  It was much tighter.  It was so tight that I didn’t get an accurate view of its potential until I had it mounted.  Hit this holster with one hand, with your thumb on the back (right at the top of the clips) and you will have all of the leverage needed for a smooth draw.  But it isn’t going to fall out, either.

That’s why I like Multi Holsters

It is this attention to detail that is so rare these days.  Multi Holsters could simply slap together holsters and they’d still work as well as 99% of what’s on the market.  But they have that extra touch that sets them apart.  Catner and his crew use the products they make.  And they understand how we use them.  They know how to tune an IWB holster that is meant for the small of your back, and how to place the clips on a MOLLE holster so you can draw one handed from a vest without the need for extra snaps and buttons.

multi holsters11

The MOLLE mount on the holster adds about $15 to the price of the holster.  The rest of the prices are determined by the basic make of the holsters, the color and finish of the Kydex, and the size of the gun.  And if you don’t see what you want on the page, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  Check them out if you haven’t already.  You will like what you see.

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