Gear review: Nexbelt IWB concealed carry tactical belt


Nexbelt’s closure is unique, very secure and entirely customizable. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

Concealed carry folks who’ve spent any time carrying in-waistband (IWB) know that a belt isn’t just for keeping your pants up.  Ever in search of equipment that makes my mornings easier when I have to get dressed and get out the door, invisibly armed and looking professional, I tried out a Nexbelt.

The Nexbelt people, based in Florida, are golfers first and foremost, and have an entire selection of belts devoted to golf, dress and business attire.  But one aspect of their products is the Tactical Series, so I had to try it.  Fans of Lt. Col. David “piss on golf” Grossman, stay with me.



Underside showing cut lines and ratcheting strip. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

Nexbelt’s tagline is “the belt with no holes.” It’s truly innovative, and unlike some innovations, this one works better than the traditional way.

Rather than ordering your size, anyone with a 50-inch or smaller waist can wear these belts. Just add four inches to your waist size and then cut it to your perfect length with scissors. Hash marks with inches are printed on the inside to get it right. The cut end is then secured into the buckle.

Inlaid in the belly-facing side of the other end of the belt is a line of hard plastic, angled teeth resembling a roadside rumble strip.  The teeth are set in quarter-inch increments, and when run through the buckle, you hear a ratcheting sound and simply stop when it’s at the desired tightness.  No holes.  It’s brilliant.


Buckle release is low profile. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

The belts intended for concealed carry are available in a 1-7/16-inch wide microfiber webbing material.  The webbing is lighter and less stiff than rigger’s belt webbing.  Concealment belts are also available in black or brown leather.

Buckle style and color depend on the chosen belt.  Mine, on the Titan TD green (think olive drab) belt is a brushed nickel finish.  It’s gently curved and just 1-11/16 inches tall.

Inside the webbing is a rubber liner, invisible to the wearer, to keep sweat from penetrating through.



Nexbelt’s tactical belt system worked with several IWB methods as with this Kinetic Concealment holster. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

This belt got a workout–actually several.  It went to business meetings.  It went shopping and mowing the lawn.  I’m still wearing it.  Here’s why–

Under a shirt going business casual style, the buckle enhanced my appearance and discreet carry with the way it conforms to the body.  There’s no buckle bulge to contend with when carrying appendix IWB.  I also spent a day of business and errands with a small-of-back holster.  Temps were in the 100s during test week, and despite what Nexbelt says is a rubber lining, I felt no excess heat from the belt.


Webbing not as heavy as a riggers belt resulting in some minor kinks. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

I also ran with the belt on, in wearing two different holster configurations.  On one run, I carried a clipless Sticky brand holster AIWB style for three miles.  With the belt cranked down well (an objectionable feeling to some, but one I’ve become accustomed to in order to exercise while armed), the gun stayed in place.

The only negative outcome, and it’s a minor one, happened on a differently equipped run.  I’m training for a run-and-gun competition, and thus do some runs with a fully loaded, full-size pistol and magazines on my belt, plus a hydration backpack, loaded chest rig, and AR.  After three miles of that, the belt edge had frayed a bit where the holster had hung.  I contacted the Nexbelt rep, who said the material is made for concealed carry, not rough duty.


A great concealment system that is not made for rough duty. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

Based on that, my sole suggestion is that the name be changed from “tactical” to “concealment.” Some of us take things literally, after all.

The belt is easy to set up, easy to don, and easy to undo.  It makes no difference if a person wears it with the bight to the left or right, and therefore is a unisex design, if you care about such things.

As for fit, it’s perfectly custom, every time.  No matter whether you had a glass of juice or pigged out on a buffet for lunch, it fits.

The Nexbelt logo is stamped on the inside, so I can remember the name without looking like a free mobile marketing unit.  I appreciate the company’s class in this department.

American Pride

Nexbelt is an American company, though the webbing is stamped “PRC” on the inside, making me think the material came from somewhere that begins with “People’s Republic.”

Whatever face may be lost on that front, the company buys back in spades with their support of military families.  Of every sale, twenty percent of gross (wow!) goes to Folds of Honor, an organization that supplies US flags at memorial services for veterans and active service members.

Be ahead of your time–buy one


Buckle does not print under shirt. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

Seriously, I’m paid to review, not advertise.  This belt has won me over by making my morning routine easier and fostering discreet, secure everyday carry.  It really is one of those best-thing-since-sliced bread inventions, even for people who don’t carry.

The nylon models are priced at $49.99 and come in green, tan, black, and camo.  Leather is ten bucks more.  Nexbelt’s website currently gives 20 percent off new orders, making these belts the best deal going for excellent gear that will last a long time.

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