Gear Review: Quality rifle cases to see you from the range to home

A rifle built by YHM waits on the sidelines at the range in its hard-sided rifle case, designed to protect the rifle from harm during transport. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

A quality rifle case makes transporting rifles to and from the range easier and more efficient. Though cases can come in a variety of flavors, quality builds provide protection, make for quick transport, and offer amenities that make toting guns a little easier. While we at have narrowed down the search to fit what we feel will meet the needs of rifle owners on any budget, we have also opted to include a few non-traditional wares designed for a more discreet way to move to and fro without drawing unwanted attention.

Hard Cases

  1. Pelican 1700

The Pelican 1700 offers a hard-shell exterior with foam inserts internally all in a wheeled package. (Photo: Pelican)

Pelican is a name synonymous with hard case protection, and the Pelican 1700 fits right into the storage maker’s theme. Designed more like a tank on wheels, the Pelican 1700 offers a tough case designed to withstand any environment gun owners could encounter. Measuring 35.75-inches by 13.50-inches by 5.25-inches, the hard-sided exterior of the Pelican protects the valuable rifle inside while a 3-piece foam set internally keeps the firearm from jostling around during transport. Strong wheels support the case and make it easy for gun owners to wheel their cargo around, rather than slinging it onto their back.

The watertight, crushproof and dustproof Pelican 1700 is a top choice when looking for a quality rifle case, but it is pricey. With a price tag hovering in the $200 arena, the 1700 may be out of reach for the budget-minded gun owner.

  1. Plano All Weather Tactical Rifle Case

The Plano All Weather Tactical Rifle Case ditches wheels for a carrying handle but keeps rifles protected with its foam interior. (Photo: Plano)

Plano is another name that gun owners might recognize, as the company has also been providing gun cases for quite a while. The Plano All Weather Tactical Rifle Case takes a hard shell and foam approach but keeps its price under the $100 mark. The Plano case measures 43-inches by 13-inches by 5-inches internally and features a watertight seal with pressure relief valve.

Equipped with heavy-duty, dual-stage lockable latches the Plano can easily slip into any environment while continuing to protect the goods it holds. Though the Plano is solidly built, it lacks the convenience of wheels, so gun owners must rely on the case’s plastic carrying handle to tote the All Weather Tactical Rifle Case. A mid-range budget option, the Plano All Weather Tactical Rifle Case retails for $70 online.

  1. Flambeau Oversized Single Gun Case

The Flambeau Oversized Single Gun Case is a budget hard shell option that keeps to the basics to cut down on cost. (Photo: Flambeau)

Measuring 52.375-inches by 9.5-inches by 4.3-inches, the Flambeau Oversized Single Gun Case is a budget friendly approach to the hard case dilemma. Using a minimalist design, the Flambeau offers a convoluted foam design internally, with an oversized exterior that fits most scoped rifles and shotguns. The hard case provides four lock hasps as well as a combination of piano-style and brass hinges to safely protect the contents it holds.

Like the Plano, the Flambeau offers a plastic handle as the only means to carry the case. While it boasts internal foam, the case doesn’t offer cut-outs meaning that the firearm and any gear inside could still slide during transport. Overall, the Flambeau Oversized Single Gun Case delivers a solid option for those on a budget, retailing for around $40.

Soft Cases

  1. VooDoo Tactical Enhanced MOLLE Compatible Soft Case

VooDoo Tactical’s Enhanced MOLLE Compatible Soft Case offers a soft sided approach with MOLLE compatibility and large front pockets for accessory storage. (Photo: VooDoo Tactical)

VooDoo Tactical’s Enhanced MOLLE Compatible Soft Case blends the advantages of a soft case with the added bonus of MOLLE webbing. Able to secure a 36-inch rifle, the VooDoo Tactical soft case sports three external pockets for stowing extra mags, ammo and other gear in addition to MOLLE webbing to attach MOLLE compatible accessories. Capable of stowing two rifles simultaneously, the Enhanced MOLLE Compatible Soft Case offers three ways by which to carry the bag – a standard handle, a shoulder strap and back-pack style shoulder harness.

Available in five colors to include ACU Digital Camo, Woodland Camo, Black, Coyote Tan and Olive Drab, the VooDoo Tactical case has the widest assortment of colors and patterns to choose. Despite its extras and color options, the VooDoo Tactical Enhanced MOLLE Compatible Soft Case is the priciest option on our list – retailing for $125.

  1. VISM Rifle Case/Shooting Mat

The VISM Rifle Case/Shooting Mat integrates a full shooting mat into its design, adding versatility to its repertoire. (Photo: NcStar)

While keeping its price under $100, the VISM Rifle Case by NcStar is an appealing option for gun owners looking for a dual-purpose rifle case. The VISM boasts the unique ability to fold out and reveal a padded shooting mat. The shooting mat is a nice addition to the rifle case lineup, eliminating the need for shooters to tote their own to the range. Externally, the VISM provides features like heavy duty zippers, adjustable compression straps, MOLLE webbing and an ID card window.

Integrated into the back panel of the VISM case are backpack straps for carrying. The straps are stowed in hook and loop compartments when not in use and are padded for comfort. The VISM also features a sternum and waist strap for even more security and stability on body. Lacking any significant external pockets, the VISM does offer MOLLE webbing so additional pouches can be added to stow accessories and extras. The VISM Rifle Case/Shooting Mat is priced at $52.

  1. Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Rifle Case

Simple is what the Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Rifle Case achieves with its minimalist soft case design housing one scoped rifle. (Photo: Bulldog Cases)

Bulldog Cases and Vaults delivers a true budget option in the way of its Pit Bull Rifle Case. Featuring a minimalist design, the Pit Bull is available in either green with tan trim or black on black. With three distinct models within each color scheme, the Pit Bull case offers options for a scoped rifle ranging from 40-inches to 48-inches in length.

The case is constructed of a durable nylon water-resistant outer shell with full-length zipper to keep contents safely tucked inside. Internally, the Pit Bull touts a laminated, brushed tricot, soft scratch-resistant inner lining to further protect the rifle it holds.

Using only a carry handle, the Pit Bull Rifle Case is a no muss, no fuss option retailing for under $20.

Inconspicuous Options

  1. Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag

Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag provides a low profile means to tote a SBR to and from the range. (Photo: Amazon)

Gun owners sporting shorter rifles will find the Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag a worthy storage option when transporting to and from the range. The Wilson bag, originally intended to house tennis rackets, also goes a long way to safely and discreetly transporting shorter barreled rifles. Measuring 28-inches by 8.9-inches by 11.4-inches, the Wilson Advantage features a main compartment as well as a small front compartment for accessories.

Equipped with a padded grip, the Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag also provides an adjustable shoulder strap for carry. While not a true rifle case by nature, the Wilson tennis bag does the job of maintaining a lower profile. The Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag can be nabbed from Amazon for around $30.

  1. ChromaCast Guitar Case

The Gig Case by ChromaCast transports guitars but can also be used to tote a rifle discreetly. (Photo: Amazon)

Under the same vein as the tennis bag a simple guitar case, like the ChromaCast Electric Guitar Gig Bag, goes a long way in maintaining discretion. The ChromaCast guitar bag offers internal dimensions of 39.5-inches by 12-inches by 2.5-inches. Featuring six pockets in total, the guitar case offers plenty of places to store smaller accessories for range day.

Though you might have to explain the guitar case if you aren’t musically inclined, the ChromaCast is yet another means to tote a rifle to the range without drawing unwanted attention on the way to the car. The Gig Bag is priced at $24.

  1. Easton Baseball Tote Bat Bag

The Easton Baseball Bag continues the theme of secrecy with a genric baseball bag style that doesn’t draw attention. (Photo: Amazon)

Rounding out the inconspicuous rifle case options is the Easton Baseball Tote Bat Bag. Available in two sizes – 35.5-inches by 9.75-inches by 11.75-inches or 36-inches by 9-inches by 9-inches – the Easton Bat Bag comes in four colors and will have nosey neighbors thinking you’re headed to baseball practice. Utilizing vented pockets to allow for air flow, the tote offers a main compartment that a shorter rifle can easily slip into.

Offering a padded shoulder strap, the baseball bag is also outfitted with pockets to toss accessories into. The Easton Baseball Tote Bag maintains a low-profile while allowing SBR owners the ability to transport their rifle without breaking the bank on a fancy rifle case. The Easton Baseball Tote Bat Bag offers a retail price of $20.

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