Gear Review: Sig Sauer Rifle GoBag (Coupon Code Inside)

For the last couple of months I’ve been road-testing gun cases.  I’ve been traveling with long guns and it can be a royal pain in the ass.  There are times when I simply have to have a good rock-solid case, like a Pelican or an ECS.  Flying with a rifle, for example, can be cumbersome and a lockable, waterproof, crushproof case can make things much easier.
Sig Sauer Guns GoBag
But even heading out to the range sometimes requires a little bit more containment—and for that, I’d suggest the Sig Sauer Rifle GoBag by Sig Sauer Guns and Accessories, the webshop for Osage County Guns in Missouri.  These range bags are durable, versatile and much more lighter.

The bag

Sig Sauer Guns GoBag with an M4 in it.

I’ve seen a lot of range bags in my time.  These days, most of them are solid and well built—the Sig GoBag is one of those, and one of the toughest I’ve seen.  The nylon is thick.  The stitching is ample.  The webbing of the straps and the zippers are oversized and designed to take a beating.

The bag is clearly designed for short AR or M4-style guns.  The Colt M4 fits in it perfectly.  The Mossberg 500, put together with an 18.5-inch barrel and a full stock, does not.  But the small size adds to the GoBag’s manageability.

The GoBags, marked down from $129, come in black ($69), or tan ($79).

The bag is versatile.  The main pocket has two straps to secure a rifle.  There is an additional long pocket, and several other.  Plenty of room for magazines, ammunition and a tool kit.  There are even MOLLE webs on both ends for the addition of extra gear.

On the back are two very comfortable straps that allow the GoBag to be worn like a backpack.  I find this the most endearing feature.  I sometimes walk a couple of miles back into the woods to a makeshift range I’ve set up and I usually carry my guns in my hand.  My trail leads through dense secondary undergrowth, and I have—more than once—had to scrub sap off of blued steel.


I’m not one to baby my guns—especially those that are functional tools.  An AR wears well.  They look better with a few good battle scars (figurative or literal).  I tend to favor guns that can be tossed on the floorboard of a pickup truck.

The problem is, I don’t own many guns.  As a review writer, I get the latest guns and gear—but I have to give it back.  Most of the major manufacturers don’t cotton to my philosophy of using an F-150 as a gun case.  They like to have their guns back in decent condition.
Sig Sauer Guns GoBag back with straps.
Maybe I’ll drag the GoBag behind the truck for a while, just to knock off that showroom shine.  It wouldn’t hurt the case at all.

The more I use the GoBag, the more I understand the range bag craze.  My only criticism is that it doesn’t have a hip belt.  But no big deal.  Even fully loaded, the GoBag won’t break your back.  And for the sale price, it won’t break the bank either.

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