Gear Review: SpringTac Holster (VIDEO)

SpringTac’s approach to the universal holster is noticeably different.  Instead of nylon and Velcro, the SpringTac system is a simple U-bend of leather.  It is deceptively simple and works surprisingly well.

The holster is part of a larger system that will require a good belt and the waistband of your pants.  It is meant to be worn as an IWB holster.  The tension required to keep the gun in place is provided by your belted pants.  Otherwise, the holster won’t be good for much.


The leather is bent in the shape of a basic bi-fold wallet.  It is made of two pieces of oak tanned cowhide.  The rough sides of the splits are sewn together, leaving the smooth side exposed outside and inside the holster.  The stitching is wide and fairly basic, but functional.  Inside the holster, a slight padding right beneath where the clip attaches (on the outside of either side) gives a bit more grip to the gun.  The edges are rounded over a bit, but you can tell the holsters are made by hand.


As you can see, the stitching runs along the edge both inside and out.

The U-bend shape eliminates most fit issues.  The SpringTac achieves its universal adaptability by securing the gun on three sides, mostly.  It is open at the top and bottom.  One side of the holster is also open, which allows for unadorned pistols (or even revolvers) as well as guns with lasers.


The whole package attaches to your belt by a simple steel spring-clip.  It is a secure way to carry.  With this tucked inside the waistband and the belt cinching it all down, the holster will be securely fastened.  It is a medium high ride and an easy draw.  There’s no rough surface inside the holster to catch on any part of the gun.  Even high sights are easy to accommodate, as the bottom of the gun simply spreads open the two folds of the holster during a draw.


The holsters are available for 3-inch guns, 5-inch guns and pocket pistols.  If you want more options for carry, there is a shoulder holster accessory that allows for the SpringTac holster to be carried in a caddy of sorts under your arm.  I haven’t tested that feature yet, so I won’t pretend to know how well it works.  They have one version with a deep cutout at the top to allow for holographic or red dot sights.

This one sells for $105.  That’s about on par for a simple, handmade leather holster.  But this one can be used with a variety of guns, which I think is its true selling point.

Or try a little do-it-yourself

The Total Custom option is another twist to buying a holster.  The kit comes with a holster all sewn up, ready to be formed and dyed.

I decided not to form the holster to any specific gun.  As I review a lot of strange handguns, this is more valuable to me as a universal fit than it is tailored to fit one gun.

The Complete Custom kit from SpringTac

The Complete Custom kit.

To form the holster, simply soak the leather in water.  Put together your pistol and laser, and seal them in a plastic bag (provided in the kit).  Place the protected gun in the holster and wrap the fat rubber bands around the holster.  Let dry.  When wet leather dries, it shrinks slightly, which gives you the secure fit.

From there, it is as simple as dying the leather. If you are concerned about dying yourself, wear gloves (provided).  Swab on the dye and let it dry.  Make sure that the edges, insides, and punched holes all get adequate coverage.  When the dye is dry, repeat the process with the sealer.  After, as you break in the holster, repeat with the provided leather conditioner.

Everything you need comes in the kit.  While it doesn’t allow you to do custom tooling, it is a fun, and incredibly easy DIY project.  In all, it takes less than about a day to finish the kit (but most of that time is spent waiting for the holster to dry).  On the complexity scale, I’d place the Total Custom at the “no experience required” side.  Cost for the kit is $85.95.

Final thoughts on SpringTac

SpringTac has a solid product.  It is simple and it works.  Their take on the holster isn’t going to be for everyone.  But there are some of us out there who still, despite advancements in polymer and nylon, prefer good, old fashioned cowhide.  Leather.  It just looks better with a leather belt than Kydex.  It compliments your boots.

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