Gear Review: Talon Grips offer texture solutions for CCW

talon grips adhesive tape

Talon pistol grips us an adhesive system to attach to specific handgun models. Front, top, back bottom. (Photo: Joshua Gillem)

Talon Grips is a US based company that makes an adhesive pistol grip for many popular handguns in an attempt to make them feel better in hand, while also making them stickier. They are available with two different textures, both of which are designed to help the gun stay in your hand when it matters the most.

I asked the folks over at Talon Grips – located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado – to send me a few different sets for two of my Springfield Armory handguns. They obliged and, so far, I’m pleased with my findings; it even helped me solve a texture issue I was having with one of my favorite carry guns.

This gun, the Springfield XD Mod.2, was digging into my side with its own textured grip, so I installed the rubber one from Talon Grips and felt an immediate improvement.

Close-up of Talon Grip textures.

Close-up of Talon Grip textures. Springfield XD-9, top, Springfield XD Mod.2, bottom. (Photo: Joshua Gillem)

Talon Grips sent out an envelope with the grips, some alcohol swabs to clean the stock grip, a couple stickers, a packing slip with instructions on the backside and a business card. The grips are easy enough to install, and so far, seem to serve their purpose well.

The grips are available for $17.99 each.  I think this a good price since it is designed to improve on the feel of the gun in the hand, which is important to me and shooting quickly, accurately. In truth, you could make something like this out of skateboard tape as long as you have enough skill to cut paper, but I know my time would be better spent doing something else, and I feel these are worth the money.

Another feature I like is that if the texture is sanding my skin during carry, I have the ability to modify it ever so slightly to try to get something more pleasing. The company recommends taking 120 grit sandpaper to the surface of the grip, and lightly sanding it until you get the desired level of texture.

Springfield XD-9 Talon Grip

Springfield XD-9 with Talon Grip. (Photo: Joshua Gillem)

Overall, my shooting performance with the gun wasn’t changed drastically, positively or negatively, with the Talon Grip installed but the gun does feel good in hand and the grips don’t seem to get in the way of operation at all so I’m keeping them on for now.

However, if I had to come up with a complaint for this product, it would be that the grip and the gun don’t seem to be the same shade of black. Aesthetics don’t matter all that much when your life is on the line. What does matter is function and performance.

Springfield XD Mod.2 Talon Grip

Springfield XD Mod.2 with Talon Grip. (Photo: Joshua Gillem)

And, as far as I can tell, these grips do seem to perform their intended task. Having the ability to change how the gun feels in hand for less than $20 makes this a very worthy buy.

Their website says that they guarantee that the grips will last for at least 90 days. And, if you put them on right, they should last for years to come.

If you’re looking to improve how your gun feels in your hand, an adhesive textured Talon Grips custom cut grip may be a viable option. They are affordable, serve their purpose well—keeping the gun planted in your hand firmly—and they are made in the United States.

Cover: Joshua Gillem

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