Gear Review: The comfortable, durable Lunar Concepts Contour Sling (VIDEO)

The Contour Sling from Lunar Concepts has been my preferred sling for the last eight months. In fact, I equipped all my rifles with one as it fits all the criteria desired for such an essential rifle component.

The Contour Sling is adjustable and slack can be added or taken out quickly (otherwise it can become a hindrance if you cannot get the range of motion you need while wearing the rifle). When you are initially attaching a Contour Sling there will be plenty of length on either end, so you can adjust the general fit to your body size. Your quick adjustability will come from the slider with pull tab. This slider is easy to manipulate and easy to use. Push forward to tighten down and pull back to loosen the Contour Sling.

Push forward on the tab to tighten up the Contour Sling. (Photo: Ben Brown/

Pull back on the tab to create slack. (Photo: Ben Brown/

When talking about comfort, Lunar Concepts really thought outside the box. This is really where this sling sets itself apart from all the others on the market. The padded portion of the sling has a unique shape. It has a “dog leg” or “bend” in it that allows the sling to hug or “contour” to your body. It doesn’t matter if your run a single point or two point, the sling will take a more natural resting position because of the contour.

Also, when on the move the Contour Sling will not twist or slide around because of the bend in it. Now, because of this bend the sling needs to be made specifically for a right handed person or left handed whichever you happen to be. Just make sure you select your dominate hand when you are ordering.

I think we can all agree that we would prefer a product that is going to last. I know personally that I have a tendency to destroy everything. I use my gear hard and sometimes in sub-par conditions. The craftsmanship and materials that go into the sling are topnotch.

All the slings hardware is sourced here in the USA. (Photo: Ben Brown/

The Slider on the Contour Sling has a generously sized quick adjust tab. (Photo: Ben Brown/

The Contour uses 1-inch mil-spec webbing with American made hardware. The padded portion is constructed from 500D Cordura with an E.V.A. foam core and a Tweave internal lining so its soft on your sensitive skin. Each Contour Sling is made one at a time right here in the good ol’ US of A. These slings are being produce in a small shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with a very high attention to detail. I now have six Contour Slings and each is the same as the first.

There are a lot of sling options available on the market and I believe the Contour Sling is one of the better options out there. These slings are available through the Lunar Concepts website for the very reasonable price of $45 shipped. With this sling you are going to get a very comfortable and durable sling that is crafted by a small business here in the USA.

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