Gear Review: Top aftermarket sights for Glock 19

The Glock 19’s sights leave a lot to be desired. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Glock is known for its “perfection” but despite holding a top spot among concealed carrier favorites, the Glock 19 has at least one weakness. Of course, we’re referring to the sights. Noticeably lacking, the G19’s sights are usually one of the first features to get the hook, often replaced with more robust and functional options. With a bevy of aftermarket goodies floating around, it can be tough to decide which ones are worth the investment. has undertaken the task of bringing you our top five aftermarket sight options for the Glock 19.

1. Trijicon HD Night Sights

The Trijicon HD Night Sights may be pricey, but they’re worth the extra dough for their rugged, reliable design. (Photo: Trijicon)

Trijicon has built a name for itself in the aftermarket sights arena and with good reason. Notably durable and able to withstand repetitious drawing, the Trijion HD Night Sights add an illuminated design to its rugged name. Its construction immediately draws shooters eyes to the front post and when paired with a narrow front post, helps shooters quickly acquire targets. At $165, the Trijicon HD Night Sights require an investment but it’s well worth the money for high quality, rugged sights.

2. Ameriglo Pro-IDOT

The Ameriglo Pro-IDOT boasts a straight eight style. (Photo: Ameriglo)

The Ameriglo Pro-IDOT is a steel sight design that features a green tritium front post matched to a green tritium rear lamp for nighttime or low light shooting. Unlike more traditional three-dot styles, the lightweight Pro-IDOT boasts the IDOT or straight eight style. This is meant to grant Glock owners a wide field of view when shooting. While the sights do their job at night, the IDOT design may prove difficult for some shooters to adjust to. MSRP on the Pro-IDOT sights is $89.

3. Truglo TFO

The TFO sights from TruGlo pair tritium with fiber optics for both daytime and nighttime shooting. (Photo: Truglo)

For Glockstars who can’t quite decide between tritium and fiber optic, Truglo has made the decision easy – meshing the two sight styles into the TFO Glock sights. The TFO’s dual design offers excellent daytime shooting courtesy of the fiber optic sights while also covering nighttime shooters with tritium performance. Using a steel design married to green tritium, the TFO sticks to the classic three-dot style. While the TFO excels at mixing styles, it loses points for its sensitive construction. Though the Ameriglo and Trijicon are pretty easy to install, the Truglo’s take some work and experience. It’s recommended that you practice before actually setting out to install the TFO to ensure you aren’t buying a second set. The TFO by Truglo retails for $129.

4. Big Dot by XS Sights


The Big Dot by XS Sights delivers an easy to acquire front sight post. (Photo: Big Dot)

The Big Dot sights by XS Sights tout exactly as the name implies – a big dot. Specifically the Big Dot sights offer a front post with an eye-grabbing white dot surrounding a tritium lamp. The combination draws the eye towards the front sight and ultimately makes for quicker target acquisition as well as easier sighting in low-light shooting situations. The Big Dot delivers a unique overall design in the sense that it has a more rounded feel instead of a traditional boxy aesthetic. This styling not only gives it a more modern look but also offers a snag-free design that will not impede drawing from concealment. Though the Big Dot approaches Glock sights with a unique flare, it’s best suited from self-defense and close quarters shooting. The Big Dot by XS Sight offers a price tag of $137.

5. Meprolight Tru-Dot

The most affordable option, the Meprolight Tru-Dot is best served green on green. (Photo: Meprolight)

Glock owners needing a true budget friendly option that won’t break the bank, will find Meprolight Tru-Dot sights get the job done. While not as advanced as some of the other models, the Meprolight Tru-Dot sights are a step up from Glock’s factory sights. Using the three-dot setup, the Tru-Dots are available in various color configurations to include green/green, green/orange and yellow front/green rear combinations. Though the color options seem advantageous on the onset, some of the pairings prove difficult to see in low-light. For example, with the green/orange combo the orange doesn’t glow as brightly as the green, therefore making it harder to distinguish. For best results, stick with the green/green combination. The Meprolight Tru-Dot can be nabbed for around $60.

Final Thoughts

Though Gaston’s creation is jam packed full of features, we can all agree that sights have never been the Glock 19’s strong point. Thankfully, the market is full of innovative and functional options that elevate performance and enhance shooting.


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