Gear Review: Wheeler Delta Series Ultra AR Armorer’s Kit


Wheeler Delta Series Ultra AR Armorer’s kit, including armorer’s vise, AR-15 combo tool, torque wrench, armorer’s bench block, roll pin install tool kit, upper vise block clamp, gas tube alignment tool, AR front sight tool, Delta ring tool, and strap wrench. (Photo: Kristin Alberts)

Most shooters today have purchased at least one modern sporting rifle and many others have built at least part of their own.  Now Wheeler has introduced one of the most complete kits on the market for AR owners, builders, and aficionados.  Enter the Delta Series Ultra AR Armorer’s Kit.

The company and the kit


Wheeler Engineering branding on their Delta Series Ultra AR Armorer’s kit. (Photo: Kristin Alberts)

Held under parent company Battenfeld Technologies, Inc, Wheeler Engineering has spent many years putting out quality kits and tools for all sorts of home gunsmithing, cleaning, and refinishing.  And so they come to this set with a knowledge of what users need.

Whether working with modern sporting rifles is a hobby, a passion, or a profession, Wheeler’s AR Armorer’s Kits have you covered.  From cleaning to building to repair, they provide the right tools to get the job done accurately, correctly, and efficiently.  The latest — and most complete — addition to Wheeler’s Delta Series of kits is the AR-15 Ultra Armorer and is quite possibly the most complete on the commercial civilian market.

Wheeler’s new Delta Series AR-15 Ultra Armorer’s Kit includes:

  •  AR Armorer’s vise
  •  AR-15 combo tool
  •  Torque wrench
  •  AR-15 Armorer’s bench block
  •  AR-15 Roll Pin Install tool kit
  •  Upper vise block clamp with gas tube alignment tool
  •  Maintenance mat with exploded view AR-15
  •  Pivot Pin & Roll pin installation tool
  •  AR front sight tool
  •  Delta ring tool
  •  Strap wrench
  •  AR-15 bore guide
  •  AR-15 adjustable receiver link
  •  Bore brush, .22 Cal.
  •  Bolt carrier brush
  •  Chamber brush
  •  Magazine/upper receiver brush
  •  Nylon brush handle
  •  Double-ended general cleaning brush
  •  Cleaning pick set
  •  Custom fitted carrying case

Hit the bench


AR Armorer’s vise (Photo: Kristin Alberts)

This kit really has most everything needed to upgrade and maintain any modern sporting rifle on the market.  Whether you’re starting from scratch as a beginner on an AR build or an experienced MSR armorer, this set will serve you well.  The heavy-duty combo tool is a lifesaver in many ways for all sorts of AR adjustments, but has a notched end specifically designed to tighten the receiver extension nut without crushing the nut or buffer tube. And the combo tool holds the kit’s bits as well.


AR-15 combo tool, top, Delta Ring tool, middle, torque wrench, bottom. (Photo: Kristin Alberts)

The coated Delta Ring tool is a must for correct handguard removal, and the included strap wrench in helpful as well. The Torque Wrench is also a must for correct builds.  Even tricky jobs like installing the bolt catch roll pin are made simple with the right tools, as is installing a barrel and lining up the gas tube and barrel nut hole.

Also included is a nice set of tool instructions in addition to the exploded-view bench mat, which are both great tools for those not entirely familiar with all the internals of a black rifle. The mat itself is a fantastic working pad, solvent resistant, well padded and the largest I’ve seen at 19.75 inches x 47.75 inches.  Best of all, everything actually packs back into the carrying case without requiring a small miracle, meaning you can be mobile, prepared at the range, or ready to work on AR rifles any place.

A few shortcomings


Wheeler delta series ar armorer front sight alignment tool. (Photo: Kristin Alberts)

We were a little disappointed to find this set is made in China, but all tools included are of lasting quality.  We found ourselves using the bench block and roll pin tools most often.  There are very few knocks on this unit, and quite minor.

The cleaning/dental picks are made of plastic — non-scratching of course, but sometimes you need something a little more serious and durable.  Whether out of familiarity, I still prefer using my click-style FAT torque wrench before the included torque device, though the included tool is built for the heavier-pound requirements of AR jobs.  The kit is convenient, even, for something as simple as a full teardown cleaning.


AR-15 Roll Pin Install tool kit. (Photo: Kristin Alberts)

Remember, though, this is an AR-15 specific kit, and as such does not contain the correct cleaning tools, bore guides, etc for AR-10 calibers.



AR Upper vise block instructions with gas tube alignment tool. (Photo: Kristin Alberts)

Of course, life will be much easier if you already have a bench mounted gun vise of some sort, but this armorer’s vise works as it should and is surprisingly well made.  You’d certainly spend more money if you were buying each of these items separately.  Whether you’re replacing the stock, swapping handguards, re-barreling, super-cleaning, overhauling or building a whole new AR, the Wheeler kit has what you need to get the job done.  And, with the overall size of the kit being 20x10x6 inches, it’s small enough to pack with you in the field or on a hunting trip that may include a modern sporting rifle.  MSRP on the all-inclusive kit is $329, with online retailers offering the Ultra Armorer under $250.

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