Grab Your Gear: The Optics Planet PAC (VIDEO)

Optics Planet’s Modification line, OPMOD (pronounced Op-Mod), began with specific modifications of existing products.  They move a lot of gun related gear, enough that they can tailor “a series of customized hunting and tactical products, specially modified to meet the needs of [their] customers.”

The OPMOD Personal Articles Carrier, or PAC, is from this new line.  The PAC is a tactical bag with a masculine edge.  A man purse that goes well with tactical black.

The PAC is available in black and OD green. It is built of tough nylon, strong webbing, and buckles.  The stitching is clean and the zippers work.  When placed up against similar bags from Maxpedition (a brand Optics Planet sells) and Voodoo Tactical (a brand OP doesn’t sell) the PAC can hold its own.

The real distinguishing feature of the PAC is the price: $39.99.

opmod bag on a tree

The OPMOD PAC is different from many other tactical bags in one notable way.  The PAC is truly ambidextrous.  All of the pouches on the outside can be removed, changed up.  Alone, the PAC is completely symmetrical.  Even the angle the strap comes off of the bag is uniform, rather than canted in one direction or the other.

2 views of opmod bag hanging from a tree

But this symmetry allows you to add whatever you want to the exterior, in any configuration, to fit your needs.  While there is no exterior pouch built in to hold a water bottle, there is also no water bottle pouch to have to work around.  You can put one on, if that’s what you need–where you need it.


The PAC is just over 12 inches tall, and close to 9 inches wide.  The main compartment 11 by 8, and expands out to 4.5 inches.  This is enough to hold a water bottle, and plenty of other gear.  There are seven compartments, and the PAC comes with two single stack magazine pouches (which are also good for flashlights), and one rifle mag pouch.

opmod on a person shooting at the range

The PAC has two flat compartments that are ideal for concealed carry.  One is zippered, and is deep enough to hold a 1911.  The other, which is built into the back of the bag, is smaller.  It would be a good place to keep a polymer .380.


There is one design flaw that I’ve experienced.  And it isn’t insignificant.  The bag is solid.  The magazine pouches are decent.  The pistol magazine holders are ideal for single stack mags, but a double stack is tight.  But that’s not the problem.

The problem is on the back side of the three pouches.  With MOLLE and PALS straps, I want a complete weave.  That’s why there are horizontal straps on the bag and on the mag pouches.  The vertical connector straps don’t simply thread through the bag’s straps, they weave between the offset horizontal straps of the bag and the pouch.

horizontal straps on opmod bag

The horizontal straps on the back of the pouches are too narrow to permit the vertical strap weave.  Take the rifle mag pouch, for example.  You can see here how one strap fits, but not two.  And it isn’t the straps’ fault.  The strap is built with a stiff polymer insert and robust snaps.  It is perfect.  But there is simply not enough room to slide two through the horizontal straps.

But other bags, pouches, and extras fit fine.  The mag pouches simply need to be redesigned slightly.


The OPMOD PAC is a solid bag.  And for the money, it may be an unbeatable deal.  I’m not sure which feature I like better, the modularity of the PAC’s exterior or the price.  But they’re related.  You can buy a more expensive bag, but then you’ll pay more to add on extras.  Or you can pick up a PAC and some extras for the same price you might spend on the base bag from other companies.

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