Kangaroo Carry Micro Holster: Concealed carry simplicity (VIDEO)

Kangaroo Carry makes a unique Micro Holster for compact mouse guns that may be the most easily concealed and easy to use holster for small semi-automatic weapons.  It is a wide cotton band that wraps securely around your chest, just below your pectorals.  Under your arm, a pocket holds a pistol secure.  On the other side of the band, the Micro has more pockets for magazines, small flashlights, money — anything really.

The Kangaroo Micro has a small strap that further secures the pistol.  An additional strap rides over the shoulder for an extra measure of security.  It helps keep the whole holster in place.


Benefits of the Kangaroo system

Micro pistols are typically carried in one of four positions.  In the waist band holsters are not very common.  Guns like the Kel-Tec P3AT are so small and light that they can be hard to draw from a secure IWB holster.  Pocket carry is extremely popular, and I ran a review of the Recluse recently (my new favorite for pocket carry).  Ankle holsters are great for back-up carry, though they can be harder to get to.

That leaves the under-arm position.  This spot on the body has been owned by the shoulder holster.  But the traditional yoke and suspender design of the shoulder holster isn’t conducive to micro gun carry either.  5.11’s Holster Shirt is a solid option, but you would need multiple shirts if you carried this way frequently.

Kangaroo has the advantage of being a stand alone holster, and having a lower profile than either leather or Kydex.  The band holds the gun very close to the skin.


The only part of the gun that protrudes from the Kangaroo Micro is the grip.  While this is necessary for the draw, obviously, the protrusion is not so obtrusive that it will print.  The gun, which is less than 4-inches tall, can be completely covered by the upper arm.  By holding the arm close to your chest, the gun can be completely covered.


Part of Kangaroo Carry’s success come from the extra space available for magazines.  While that is attractive, it highlights another use of the holster.  The Kangaroo Carry system is excellent for securing money, ID and/or credit cards.  Even if you weren’t going to carry a gun (let’s say you were going to be visiting Washington D.C., where that would be verboten), you can use the Micro Holster to keep your valuables secure.


Staging the Kangaroo

In most of these photos, Jacob is wearing the holster on top of his t-shirt.  That is mostly for the purposes of illustration.  It is best worn under a shirt.  I prefer to wear it under a button up shirt.  That way staging becomes very easy.  One open button will get you clean access.  Remove the Velcro strap from the holster, and the gun is drawn even faster.


But even under a t-shirt, the Kangaroo is not terribly obvious.  For the extreme heat of summer, when all you might wear are shorts and a t-shirt, the Kangaroo has the obvious edge.

Wrapping up

Even baggy pants pockets will print.  The holster can only obfuscate the outline of the gun, not prevent the outline from showing.  And a holster in baggy pants will move around.  Maybe too much.  An IWB holster may work, but it makes sitting awkward.  And an IWB holster is harder to hide in active situations.


But the Kangaroo Micro is secure.  Accessible and secure.  The Micro sells for $49.95.  There is only one catch with the system.  It has to fit correctly.  Sizing is not complicated, but it has to be exacting.  Check out the Kangaroo Carry website for details on how to properly determine which size you are, and to check which pistols will fit.