Bargain Hunting: the Ruger LCP

For four years the Ruger LCP has proven to be a reliable and dependable deep-concealment pocket pistol favored by many who refuse to go unarmed no matter what they choose to wear, no matter what the weather might hit them with.

Drawing from Kel-Tec and Glock designs, the LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol) is a locked-breech .380 ACP handgun with a 6+1 capacity and a 2.75-inch barrel that measure just 5.2 inches long, 3.6 inches tall, just 0.8 inches wide and weighs 9.4 ounces unloaded. Because it is not a blowback-operated pistol, despite its light weight it remains a relatively soft shooter in a very small package. It’s still snappy, but it won’t make you cringe.

Ruger LCP NRA Edition

These guns in their many different designs have proven to be very reliable shooters over the years and are not particularly ammo-sensitive.

Due to the partially-cocked hammer design, the LCP’s trigger pull is often between five to six pounds, making it easy to keep on target. It has very simple sights milled into the frame and Ruger sells models with Crimson Trace and LaserMax laser sights installed from the factory if you’re looking for something bolder.

Ruger LCP with LaserMax

The frame is black glass-filled nylon polymer and the slide and barrel alloy steel with a deep blue finish. Other models have been made in different colors like the camo-dipped NRA Special Edition LCP or the green- and red-highlighted Zombie Slayer Edition (with or without Laserlyte laser sights) which also comes with the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. It has also been released in a Coyote Special Edition commemorating Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s putting down a coyote with his personal LCP. "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks accompanied with a Ruger LCP

And despite all these special editions the LCP has changed little since its introduction and remains a very inexpensive self-defense handgun. The LCP can set you back a little over $350, perhaps as much as $400 if you want one with all the bells and whistles, but a plane-jane “Elsie Pea” can still be found for $300 or less.

Combined with a huge aftermarket with holsters for every possible nook and cranny, waistband, belly band, shoulder and ankle, even bra-carry, the LCP is one gun you can take with you everywhere pants are allowed (and even a few places they aren’t).

The fact that it’s proven and inexpensive make it a great bargain, and a terrific deep-concealment pistol.

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