SIG in 2011: A Year in Review

Just taking a look at SIG Sauer’s New Products page should tell you a lot about what the company has been up to so far this year.  Making a whole lot of new products.  Everything from their legendary P210 Legend, no joke intended, to their brand-new P290 is part of 2011.

SIG is doing great, expanding to a new facility and everything.

sig p210 legend handgun next to brochure

Many, most, actually, of SIG’s new guns aren’t new at all. SIG loves to dress up their established products in every imaginable finish, with matching custom grips.  While we love our guns like we like our coffee, black and full of ammo, we have to give credit where credit’s due: SIG makes distinct guns that appeal to a rarified audience.  Whether or not we do or don’t like rainbow titanium, we respect that others do, and SIG stands out by targeting the fancy finish market.

sig rainbow handgun

SIG did introduce a handful of more innovative products, though. Right off the bat we have to point out their bone-stock, budget-seeking M4-profile missile, their M400.  The AR market has long had all kinds of top-tier, custom, and decidedly not average suppliers, not to mention mainstream, municipal suppliers holding on to their disparate prices, but recent competition has driven prices down, down, down, and SIG is smart in jumping into that market; we always want to see more options when it comes to affordable AR-15s.

sig m400 rifle

On the other hand, their shinier rifle offerings have pleased us as well; even if it did stumble coming out the gate, we really dig the SIG 556R, the 7.62x39mm 55X-series rifle that uses AK magazines.

sig 556 rifle

We’re also a fan of their many, many 1911s.  But the one that really caught our eye was their TACPAC.  KISS.  Nothin’ but gun and magazine.

sig 1911 handgun on white background

And last but not least, they made history.  Being tight-knit with the special-forces community, and all.  The P226 was the sidearm of the SEALs that killed Bin Laden. That’s not something many manufacturers can compete with.

seal team 6 group photo in black and white

What’s your favorite SIG product from this year?  The P290?  Their great big .50?  Let us hear it.

marine shooting a sig rifle

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