The Kahr CW380: A pocket pistol for gorilla hands

Kahr CW380

The Kahr CW380 pistol has a 2.58 inch barrel, an overall length of 4.96 inches and a height of just 3.9 inches. It weighs 10.2 ounces without a magazine. (Photo: MNGunTalk)

What do you get when you cross a cell phone sized pistol with an incredibly smooth trigger — even with gorilla hands? You get the perfect concealed carry pocket pistol: the Kahr CW380.

These pistols are small enough that you can stick one in your pocket and forget that it’s there, but big enough that you could still hit your target with decent groupings at 7 yards.

Well, to be quite honest, on the range I consistently shot a little low and to the side. But, like I told you, my hands are huge. So, it was actually my fault. I could barely get both hands on it and found myself over compensating to either side. However, I think with more time and practice, I’ll be able to get more proficient with this weapon. Still, any way you slice it, each shot fired was a kill shot.

Like most pocket guns, the Kahr CW380 is picky when it comes to ammo. The cheap stuff will cause aggravation whereas the decent and good stuff fires flawlessly every time. Also, the small pistol’s smooth trigger pull is almost unheard of.

Surprisingly enough, the felt recoil on this little guy with a 2.5-inch barrel is minimal, so I was able to get back onto my target with ease after each steady squeeze of the trigger. This is due, at least in part, because of the bar/dot style sights. Some pocket pistols don’t have easily seen sights (or any at all), but Kahr picked up the ball where other manufacturers have dropped it, with their functional sight system.

But no matter the size of your meat mitts, the gun’s petite size will throw you off. All jokes aside, the CW380 is no bigger than a smart phone, so make sure that you practice and develop the muscle memory needed to draw safely out of the pocket — or ankle holster — each time.

A lot of people poke fun at the .380 round for not having enough stopping power. Who knows, maybe it doesn’t. But the funny thing about it is the fact that you don’t see people lining up to get shot by this “weak round.” And, with the 6+1 magazine, you have at least that many chances to make sure an aggressor does not get back up.

Kahr has upped the ante on the pocket pistol, with what many call the best trigger pull available on any gun of this size. Trigger pull, coupled with the sights, accuracy and minimal felt recoil make this gun perfect for pocket carry.

While the CW380 is part of the Kahr’s economical line of handguns, it’s a far cry to say the company cut corners. The CW Series of pistols feature conventional rifled barrels, pinned front sights, and are shipped with one magazine. Also, CW Series pistols use a metal-injection-molded slide stop. The CW380 retails for $419, but the price goes up for flashy colors.

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