Model 1770

The Anschutz Model 1770 is a bolt-action hunting rifle chambered in .223 Rem. and the most recent addition to Anschutz’s line of high performance small-bore rifles. The best competitive shooters in national, international and Olympic shooting events commonly use Anschutz rifles.

Anschutz designed the 1770’s bolt with six locking lugs that adds strength when the bolt locks into its housing and it ensures the firing pin strikes the cartridge on mark. It also gives the bolt lever a shorter lift to re-chamber. The interior of the bolt is designed with a cam cocking firing pin system, which won’t punch forward until bolt lever is completely closed. Its claw extractor, additional cartridge holder and ejector help fire rounds consistently and eject cases effortlessly. Its single-stage match trigger, typically installed on Anschutz’s competition models, sets off the action with a very short pull. Its wooden stock makes it light weight and very German in appearance.

 Anschutz recommends Model 1770 for leisure, sport, competitive shooting, and to hunt varmint, small game or hoofed animals.

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