M-15 A2 Service Model Rifle

The Armalite M-15 A2 Service Model Rifle is a tactical rifle chambered in .223 Rem. The gun is ArmaLite’s semi-automatic civilian version of the M16A2 Service Rifle. The M-15 A2 Service Model Rifle is a variant of one of four rifles manufactured and sold by Armalite. The company recommends the rifle for target shooting and hunting.

The M-15 A2 Service Model Rifle features a two-stage
trigger and aluminum-made upper
and lower receiver. The first stage of the trigger pull weighs
3.5 lbs, the second stage weighs about 5-6 lbs. The
gun also features a steel, chrome-lined barrel threaded for a flash
suppressor, which lessens the chances the shooter will be blinded when operating the firearm in the dark.

The M-15 A2 Service Model Rifle is considerably lighter than the A2 National Match Rifle. The Service Model weighs 7.93 lbs compared to 9.14 lbs. for the National Match. The gun has a synthetic stock finished
in black or green. It is equipped with
forged carry handle and A2 front sight. It has a rifling twist of 1 in 9
inches and is set at 1.5-2 MOA.

Armalite is an influential firearms manufacturer resurrected in 1996. The company is currently based out of Geneseo, Illinois.

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