Barrett 99 single shot rifle

The Barrett 99 is a bolt-action single-shot rifle chambered in .416 Barrett or .50 BMG.

Unlike other Barrett models, the 99 is a single-shot rifle meaning the shooter has to feed the rifle one round at a time.

The 99 is praised for its lightweight, low recoil, dependability and accuracy. It features an 18″ rail on the upper receiver, so scopes, sights, lights or lasers can be easily mounted. It has a simple design and can be easily disassembled and reassembled. Its bolt has 15 locking lugs, which lock into the machined barrel extension and keeps the bolt secured in place so the firing pin will strike the cartridge on mark. Model 99 is available with a 32″ heavy barrel or a 29″ fluted barrel. And, it comes with a detachable bipod.

Barrett recommends the 99 for precision shooting.

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