The Barrett REC7 is a semi-automatic tactical rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO or 6.8mm Rem. SPC. Of all the Barrett rifles, the REC7 is the smallest.

The REC7 has a piston driven gas system that directs gas onto a piston, which drives the bolt back, whereas other gas operated systems direct gas into a tube on the bolt. That and a minimal number of operating parts makes the REC7 easy to clean and maintain.

It can fire the military-designed 6.8mm Rem. SPC, which is a cross between the 7.62 NATO and 5.56 NATO. It features a free-floated barrel, so the stock won’t interfere with the barrel’s action. The REC7’s single-stage match trigger sets off the action with a very short pull. It has standard iron sights, but it also has a Picatinny rail so shooters can personalize the rifle with scopes, sights, lights, or lasers.

Barrett recommends the REC7 for hunting small game and hoofed animals, competitive shooting, military or law enforcement.

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