The Benelli MR1 is a semi-automatic tactical rifle chambered in .223 Rem. or 5.56 NATO.

The MR1 uses an auto-regulating gas operated system (ARGO) modified from Benelli’s M4 or M1014 semi-automatic shotgun. (It’s actually almost identical to the Beretta RX4 Storm). ARGO directs gas onto a piston, which drives the bolt back, whereas other gas operated systems direct gas into a tube on the bolt. Therefore, gas won’t expel inside the receiver, it has fewer operating parts and fewer components to clean. The MR1’s sights use a military style aperture allowing shooters to adjust for windage and elevation. Additional sights can be mounted to its Picatinny rail. It comes standard with a 5-round magazine, but it can use 30-round M16 magazines. Benelli recommends the MR1 for military use and home protection.

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