CX4 Storm

Beretta CX4 Storm

The Beretta CX4 Storm is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. The gun is the civilian version of the Beretta Mx4 Storm and is one of two rifles offered by Beretta.

Beretta recommends the CX4 Storm for sporting and personal defense.

The CX4 Storm features a blowback operating system, so the expanding gases that push a round through the barrel also push back onto the bolt to cycle the action.

Features include an ambidextrous controls. The CX4 Storm utilizes a front sight adjustable for windage and elevation with a rear sight that includes long and short range apertures of 50 and 100 meters. And both sights can fold down. However, the carbine is also equipped with a Picatinny rail, which allows for easy mounting of optics and accessories.

Beretta is the oldest active firearms manufacturer in the world. It produces shotguns, hunting rifles, assault rifles, submachine guns, revolvers, and pistols. Beretta is based in Italy.


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