The Boberg XR9 Shorty is a small-frame semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9mm and 9mm +P. The company says that the Shorty is “the world’s most powerful 9mm pocket pistol.” It is designed with some pretty heavy duty materials such as a 7075-T6 aluminum alloy for the frame, which was actually designed for planes in the 40s because of its lightweight and toughness. The material has since become a favorite for building other modes of transportation like cars, bikes, hang gliders, et cetera. Most other components on the Shorty are of stainless steel construction.   

The Shorty features a double-action only trigger that sets off the action with a 5.5-pound pull. It has a locked-breech system with a rotating barrel meaning the gun fixed to the frame until it discharges a round. As the slide goes back the barrel will rotate instead of tilting. This design helps improve accuracy. The locked-breech means that the slide absorbs the backwards force rather than the frame. This is beneficial for heavier loads.

Boberg recommends the Shorty for concealed-carry and self-defense.

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