A-Bolt Hunter

Browning A-Bolt Hunter

The Browning A-Bolt Hunter is a bolt-action hunting rifle chambered in .300 Win. Mag. The A-Bolt Hunter is just one of many in the A-Bolt series, and is one of the best-selling A-Bolts.

The A-Bolt’s action is known for its smooth reloading capabilities. It has three locking lugs that secure it in place and provide it with a short 60-degree bolt throw.

The Hunter also features a high-gloss walnut stock, a pistol grip with a straight comb, a matte blued finish and a relatively long (compared to other A-Bolt models) 26″ barrel.

The Hunter also shares many features with other models in the series like a free-floated barrel, where the stock won’t interfere with the steel barrel’s action. At the end of the barrel is a target crown barrel that helps maintain barrel harmonics, so the rifle doesn’t vibrate too much and throw off the round’s trajectory.

It uses Browning’s Top Tang Safety, which places the safety on the back of the pistol grip or where the action-hand’s thumb naturally falls. The feature also locks and unlocks the bolt. And, it has an adjustable four-pound trigger.

Browning recommends the A-Bolt Hunter for hunting or leisure shooting.

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