Buck Mark Camper

Browning Buck Mark Camper

The Browning Buck Mark Camper is a large-frame pistol chambered in .22 LR. The Browning Buck Mark is a line of .22 caliber pistols and what makes the Camper unique is its alloy receiver with a matte blued finish and a tapered bull barrel, which means the barrel narrows at one end. Bull barrels are able to withstand a high number of successive shots while also providing weight stability. An optional stainless barrel is available for an extra $40.

Buck Mark pistols use a blowback action, meaning the rearward motion of the spent casing powers the mechanical reloading processes of the gun.

Common features for the Buck Mark line includes a 16 click per revolution adjustable Pro-Target brand sight instead of just 12 clicks.

It’s made from a lightweight machined aircraft grade aluminum alloy, and has Browning’s trademark gold trigger.

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