Buck Mark Plus UDX

Buck Mark Plus UDX

The Browning Buck Mark Plus UDX is a large-frame chambered in .22 LR. Browning’s Buck Mark is a line of .22 caliber pistols.

What makes the Plus UDX different is that it features a 5.5″ barrel with an overall length of 9.5″ and a nominal weight of 2.125 pounds.

It features an alloy receiver with a matte blue finish and a slab sided barrel, meaning the barrel is milled flat to save weight. The Buck Mark Plus UDX also uses Browning’s patented Ultragrip DX, an ambidextrous contoured grip system that offers ergonomic grooves for fingers. This system is meant to increase grip consistency and overall shooting accuracy, and is offered in walnut with the Buck Mark Plus UDX model.

Buck Mark pistols use a blowback action, meaning the rearward motion of the spent casing powers the mechanical reloading processes of the gun.

Common features for the Buck Mark line includes a 16 click per revolution adjustable Pro-Target brand sight instead of just 12 clicks. It’s made from a lightweight machined aircraft grade aluminum alloy. And it has Browning’s trademark gold trigger.


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