Citori Heritage

Browning Citori Heritage Shotgun

The Browning Citori Heritage is an over-under shotgun chambered in 28 gauge. The Citori Heritage is one of 12 shotgun variant lines in Browning’s Citori line, and is a deluxe grade.

This Citori Heritage variation features a steel receiver with a nitride finish and full coverage high-relief engraving with gold enhancements. The stock is grade V/VI walnut with a gloss oil finish and provides an oval name plate. The Heritage also has an ivory front and mid bead sight.

Common features for the Citori line include interchangeable choke tubes for the barrel. Its barrel selector system allows shooters to choose which barrel shoots first. Its automatic ejectors eject spent shells when the breech is open. And it has corrosion-resistant chrome-plated chambers for increased durability.

Browning recommends the Citori Heritage for general sport shooting.


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