Citori Lightning Feather Combo

Browning Citori Lightning Feather Combo

The Browning Citori Lightning Feather Combo is an over-under shotgun chambered in 20 gauge or 28 gauge. The Citori Feather Combo is one of 12 shotgun variant lines in Browning’s Citori line and the only combo.

It combines features from both the Feather and Lightning variants. Its beautiful walnut stock has a glossy oil finish and it’s “lightning style,” meaning it has a rounded pistol grip and fore-end.

These features may give a slight advantage in speed-to-shoulder action. The Citori Lightning Feather Combo variation features a lightweight alloy receiver with high-relief decorative engraving.

Common features for the Citori line include interchangeable choke tubes and a barrel selector system that allows shooters to choose which barrel shoots first. Its automatic ejectors eject spent shells when the breech is open. And it has corrosion-resistant chrome-plated chambers for increased durability.

Browning recommends the Citori Lightning Feather Combo for hunting fast-flying game birds.


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