The Browning Maxus is a semi-automatic hunting shotgun chambered in 12 gauge. The Maxus is a very popular model and won the NRA’s “American Hunter” Golden Bullseye Award 2010 for Shotgun of the Year because of its reliable action and cycling. It uses Browning’s Power Drive Gas System where the shotgun has larger exhaust ports to expel gases faster from heavy loads, which reduces recoil. It also gives the gas-driven piston a longer drive, which provides betters chambering on lighter loads.

The Maxus is made from a lightweight aluminum alloy that puts each sub-model around 7 pounds. It has a lengthened forcing cone and has three adjustable chokes, so shooters can adjust a desirable shot pattern for short or long distances. And, it uses an Inflex Technology recoil pad that reduces recoil and adds comfort.

Browning recommends the Maxus for hunting, leisure and sport shooting.

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