Semi-Auto 22 Grade I

The Browning Semi-Auto .22 Grade I is a semi-automatic hunting rifle chambered in .22 LR and .22 Short. The SA-22 is considered a classic firearm, as it was the first semi-automatic rifle to be chambered in .22 LR. Production started in Belgium in 1914 and is still going today, now in in Japan by Miroku. Over half a million SA-22 rifles have been sold since 1914.

The Semi-Auto .22 Grade I features a steel receiver with a polished blued finish and a scroll engraving. The autoloading rifle features a tubular magazine with bottom ejection and a capacity of 10. The Semi-Auto .22 Grade I has a polished blued barrel that is 19.25″ long. The stock is American walnut and comes in a glossed finish. The rifle has adjustable sights with a gold bead front sight.

Browning Arms Company is a Utah-based firearms maker that produces a variety of a wide variety of shotguns, rifles, and pistols. The company is currently a subsidiary of Fabrique Nationale de Herstal.

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