Semi-Auto 22 Grade VI Blued

The Browning Semi-Auto .22 Grade VI Blued is a semi-automatic hunting rifle chambered in .22 Short and .22 LR.

Widely considered to be a classic firearm, the Semi-Auto .22 was the first ever rifle to be chambered in .22 LR when it was originally produced by FNH off a John Browning design in 1914.

The rifle was manufactured in Belgium for 60 years before halting production for two years. The gun is now being produced in Japan and is still popular: estimates boast over 500,000 Semi-Auto .22s have been sold since 1914.

The Semi-Auto .22 Grade VI Blued features game scene engraving on its receiver with 24 karat gold accents, which makes it distinct among the family of Browning rifles. The take-down designed receiver is made of steel and has a blued finish. The autoloading rifle also features a tubular magazine and bottom-loading ejection. It comes with adjustable sights, with a gold bead front sight. Fully loaded, the gun weighs approximately 5.1875 lbs.

Browning Arms Company is a Utah-based firearms maker that produces a variety of a wide variety of shotguns, rifles, and pistols. The company is currently a subsidiary of Fabrique Nationale de Herstal.

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