Rhino Revolver

The Chiappa Rhino Revolver is chambered in .357 Mag. and available in either a medium or large frame. The Rhino has an untraditional design because its barrel aligns with the bottom chamber of the cylinder instead of the top, but the design isn’t original. It was introduced in 1997 with a revolver called the Mateba, which never took off, but the design did in fact reduce recoil.

Since the Rhino has such a low barrel, Chiappa suggests a specific two-handed grip style when shooting it—place the action hand around the grip, wrap the passive hand around the action hand, and keep all passive fingers together.

Features include a flat cylinder intended for comfort and concealment, a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and, for most models, a double-action/single-action trigger. Chiappa recommends the Rhino for self-defense and open or concealed carry.

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