9mm SMG

Colt 9mm SMG

The Colt 9mm SMG is a selective-fire rifle chambered in 9mm. The rifle is based off the M16 platform, but uses a closed-bolt blowback operating system unlike gas operating system used by the M16.

While the SMG is similar to the M16 by look, but two rifles have differences aside from the operating system, which include a large plastic brass deflector mounted toward the rear of the dust cover.  Colt recommends the 9mm SMG for military and law enforcement organizations.

The Colt 9mm SMG features a 10.5″ barrel. The upper receiver is identical to the M16: there’s a factory installed carry handle, no forward assist and A1 sights with 50 and 100 meter settings.

The SMG features a collapsible butt-stock. The modular rail system allows for easy mounting of optics. The SMG’s magazine is a copy of the UZI’s and has a capacity of 32.

Colt is a famed American gun manufacturer founded in 1836. The company is best known for its revolvers and pistols, but also produces a variety of civilian and military gun designs used all over the world.

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