Single Action Army (The Peacemaker)

colt single action army

The Colt Single Action Army (aka The Peacemaker) is a large-frame revolver chambered in six cartridges. Few guns have had such a profound impact on American history as Colt’s SAA.

It quickly became a hit when it was introduced in 1873 because it was one of the first revolving-cylinder handguns to see mass production. Originally it was designed for the US military and it saw action in multiple military campaigns up until 1892.

Due to its simplicity and versatility, the Colt SAA was also a popular choice for pioneers, outlaws, Native Americans and other denizens of the American west. But what really sold the masses was the .44-40 Winchester model because it shared the same ammunition as “the rifle that won the west,” a Winchester Model 1873.

The modern Single Action Army pistol is available in a nickel or blue, case-hardened finish and three barrel lengths.

Many people are familiar with the SAA because of its near-universal use in movies and TV shows about the Wild West. Several manufacturers then and now sell replicas of the SAA design.

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